rooted within

 |  October 12, 2008

rooted within
encaustic and mixed media
6×8 inches

I just created this mixed media and ecnaustic piece because my current journal is almost finished. Which is unbelievable considering it is one of the thickest books I’ve ever bound for myself. And I only started it late last year. I should take a picture of my last two journals, because they are similar to this one. A series of journals for myself.

I inscribed a little message to myself that can’t be seen in the photo. But it’s something that I want to keep in mind this next year as the pages of this new journal get filled. The message I wrote to myself tonight is this: finding my roots within myself.

Here is a detail of the upper left corner:



My sister, her two little kids, and my mom came to visit us from Maryland this weekend and we had such a great time. I am really feeling like this is home now.


  1. by azirca on October 12, 2008  11:42 pm Reply

    This is a really beautiful piece Bridgette. It looks like it is illuminated from behind so much so that it glows.

    Glad to hear that you are settling into your new home and finding things a little easier.

  2. by Carmen on October 12, 2008  11:50 pm Reply

    Bridgette, your encaustic works literally take my breathe away... I always inhale so, so deep when I see them. Simply amazing... as always.

    I'm happy to hear that your new house and surroundings are feeling like home.

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. by Jeane on October 13, 2008  2:29 am Reply

    Bridgette - I love what you wrote to yourself and happy for you that you are starting to feel more at home - so important to feel at home - this is a truly lovely piece.

  4. by Suzanne on October 13, 2008  10:30 am Reply

    So lovely - magical and dreamlike. :)

  5. by Cheryl on October 13, 2008  12:08 pm Reply

    the light on this one is just sublime. It's so surreal, yet inviting!

  6. by Shayla on October 13, 2008  2:34 pm Reply

    I love the colors and textured scratchings. That's a brave message and true, Bridgette.

    I've moved a lot and that's a theme I'm always revisiting. Probably the only way to ever settle into a new place and be truly grounded is to be 'rooted within' as you say.

  7. by tangled sky studio on October 13, 2008  10:15 pm Reply

    hi bridgette,
    this beautiful journal is sure to be filled with good things...


  8. by Paula Scott on October 14, 2008  12:26 am Reply

    Isn't it nice to have settled in so quickly? All the more confirmation, isn't it? That home is where the heart is, wherever that may lead you.
    Lovely image with a great message.

  9. by Genie on October 14, 2008  6:31 am Reply

    fabulous work,Glad your settling in
    Have a fun week

  10. by Lindsay on October 14, 2008  8:51 am Reply

    This is lovely! Must feel good to finish such a large book.
    Your work is so soulful....

  11. by floatingink on October 14, 2008  10:08 am Reply

    Such a beautiful work. I can't wait to see the journals!

  12. by Jeannine on October 14, 2008  3:28 pm Reply

    Another beautiful piece ... I am captivated by the colors and the message.

    I'm glad that you are feeling more "home" now.

  13. by Erika Tysse on October 15, 2008  11:23 am Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! So happy to hear that you are starting to feel at home...

  14. by Raine K on October 16, 2008  10:00 am Reply

    Love that concept - finding roots within yourself - I was rootless for so long - physically and spiritually - and NM is where I finally planted myself - not sure if it's the place or me just becoming content or a combination.

  15. by Robyn on October 19, 2008  1:30 am Reply

    "Rooted within" is very beautiful and I love the texture and scribblings in the corner.

  16. by Fiona Whitehead on October 24, 2008  7:49 am Reply

    Stunning piece yet again - I'm sorry I haven't visited for ages - glad I found you again.

  17. by Jenni Horne on October 24, 2008  1:55 pm Reply

    There is something so intriguing about this series. The lines made make me feel as though I am moving through the painting and experiencing it, not just seeing it. nice.

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