5×7 blank journal
mixed media panel

On my studio table I have been working on the next “page” of Jen Worden’s metal prayer flag. Click here to see the last page I made. I mentioned before that working in metal intimidates me because I really don’t know how to work with it. How fun would it be to solder things on though! But with all the other things I do…not sure if I want to add yet another media to my arsenal. I put a cropped image of the work in progress over on the right side in my “Studio Sneak Peek”.

But anyway, since I’ve been working on this project, it has inspired me to pull out a metal project that I created several years ago in a workshop I attended by L.K. Ludwig in which we learned how to create prints onto metal. I have had this piece of metal silhouetted with grass reeds that I created sitting in my studio now since then. I’ve always wanted to use it for something, but not sure what. It finally has a place.

Above the metal piece, I attached a photo of mine to the top and then encased it in a thin layer of wax. I really like the juxtaposition of two totally different surfaces next to each other. One, smooth and buttery, and the other cool and rough.

The words are from something I wrote even longer ago, back in college, I believe. They read:

birthed from the earth yet
without roots:
no grasp
my past

I wrapped the edges of the book cover in black book tape as metal edges can be sharp. I like the feel of this blank journal in my hands…I may have to keep it for myself!


  1. This is so lovely – I’ve been cataloguing many of my ‘bare tree’ photos today, so your art speaks volumes to me One cheeky question: is the tree painted or transferred in some way? I ask because all the photos I have been looking at today are for a little fabric/paper book on winter trees, and I am about to experiment with techniques. Hope you are keeping well. A.

  2. Thanks ann- I just emailed you. But in case anyone else is wondering, I enhanced my photo on photoshop and then used that image for the piece. The wax on top played up the “glow” that I did on photoshop.

  3. I do love this..I love trees and I love texture. I am buying photo shop for my Christmas present to my self..I want to explore.Everyone says it is hard to learn is this true?

  4. Katelen- you won’t regret getting Photoshop, it’s so much fun. But it does take a bit of time to learn. I’m still learning…

    Thanks Lisa, Karen and Seth!

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