sacred art

I now have a small selection of encaustic paintings at Sacred Art, a funky gallery boutique in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago.

4619 north lincoln ave
chicago, il 60625

maybe home was always here
maybe home was always here
encaustics, 6×6 inches

I created a Sacred Art Gallery set on flickr. If you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings, please feel free to get in touch with the gallery. They would be happy to handle the transaction and ship it to you.

I am always available too if anyone has any questions about my work, or even specifically about encaustics. bridgette @


  1. So lovely as always – and yes, I do have a question about encaustics: it would seem to me (untechnical) that there is a fluidity to what you do, using – am I right – wax with damar resin ?? When I talked to a UK supplier (whose work I hated), I was told that using resins with the wax was ‘detrimental to health’. So I am torn as to where to begin … (Ann, from UK)

    P.S. Best of luck with the new venue.

  2. wow, Sacred Art is a perfect name for a gallery for your art! congratulations! as usual, love this piece, the the last one and the one before that, etc., etc., etc.

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