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 |  May 22, 2014

“In the house of words was a table of colors. They offered themselves in great fountains and each poet took the color he needed: lemon yellow or sun yellow, ocean blue or smoke blue, crimson red, blood red, wine red.” -Eduardo Galeano The Book of Embraces (one of my most favorite books)

Oops, I missed Blue last week! I love blue, so I just had to do this even though I am unfashionably late. I searched through my Instagram feed for blues.

Baltimore Love Project #baltimore #streetart
Baltimore Love Project

blue gorilla photopbombing my bread photo


at the National Aquarium, Baltimore

Autumn afternoon. Blue

3 years old

Branches curving up to the sky
somewhere in Wisconsin

Illinois farmscape

2 years old

Blue #MuseumOfScienceAndIndustry #Chicago
a sign at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue” -Paul Gauguin


  1. by Jennifer on May 23, 2014  5:30 am Reply

    What great blues! The gorilla photo bomb had me laughing out loud and the rest just made me happy. Glad to have join in the search any time!

    • by bridgette on May 23, 2014  3:02 pm Reply

      thanks Jennifer. I thought better late than never!

  2. by mary on May 23, 2014  11:20 am Reply

    The Baltimore Love Project and the Aquarium--great blues!

    • by bridgette on May 23, 2014  3:03 pm Reply

      Thanks Mary! The street art here is pretty cool- it's always fun when I spot one of the Love Project's walls.

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