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“In the house of words was a table of colors. They offered themselves in great fountains and each poet took the color he needed: lemon yellow or sun yellow, ocean blue or smoke blue, crimson red, blood red, wine red.” -Eduardo Galeano The Book of Embraces (one of my most favorite books)

Oops, I missed Blue last week! I love blue, so I just had to do this even though I am unfashionably late. I searched through my Instagram feed for blues.

Baltimore Love Project #baltimore #streetart
Baltimore Love Project

blue gorilla photopbombing my bread photo


at the National Aquarium, Baltimore

Autumn afternoon. Blue

3 years old

Branches curving up to the sky
somewhere in Wisconsin

Illinois farmscape

2 years old

Blue #MuseumOfScienceAndIndustry #Chicago
a sign at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue” -Paul Gauguin


  1. What great blues! The gorilla photo bomb had me laughing out loud and the rest just made me happy. Glad to have join in the search any time!

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