|  November 13, 2005

strength, mixed media, 6×8 inches

The theme for this week’s Illustration Friday is “Strength”. I decided to focus on hands. The human hand contain 27 delicate bones that can lift, throw, caress, gesture. Hands convey so much emotion just in themselves.

Hands can also denote strength and this is the image that I decided to focus on. This is actually a gel medium transfer of a printout of a painting that I did earlier this year. A BIG painting. detachment For that painting I was trying to address the absence of caring, detachment, hands off. But in this small panel, I wanted to address the strength it takes to confront what is wrong, what is scary, what is fearful. To reach out and confront all the ugliness and barriers that are out there.

Don’t know if I was successful in doing that, but it was fun using one of my paintings as a gel transfer. hurrah!

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  1. by AG on November 13, 2005  11:36 pm Reply

    great work! i love the texture and the colours

  2. by hartini on November 14, 2005  5:07 am Reply

    I love this!! :) The grunginess makes it really interesting.

  3. by Anonymous on November 14, 2005  5:46 am Reply

    I reall ylike the gel medium transfer - it adds life to your painting!

  4. by Holly on November 14, 2005  9:12 am Reply

    I absolutely love this. It has a great emotional feel to it. Cheers!

  5. by carla on November 14, 2005  1:21 pm Reply

    Very good choice for this topic...the colors are like granite, so they make it feel even stronger. Good job:>

  6. by Céline on November 14, 2005  5:30 pm Reply

    OH MY! this piece is STUNNING,Bridgette!

  7. by Leezy on November 14, 2005  6:31 pm Reply

    Stunning is eactly the word that comes to my mind, too. A beautiful piece of work, really, and I compleetly agree with your concept.

  8. by Tony Sarrecchia on November 14, 2005  9:50 pm Reply

    This is a very interesting piece. Great job!

  9. by Christine Lim Simpson on November 15, 2005  9:21 pm Reply

    I like this variation. Powerful words to go with it too. Excellent piece.

    By the way, can you explain a bit about gel transfer in your blog? Thanks in advance.

  10. by bridgette on November 16, 2005  2:37 pm Reply

    Thanks to everyone who took time to comment on my piece! I sincerely appreciate it.
    Christine asked me about how I did the transfer. There are many ways to do transfers, but for this one I just used an inkjet printout of my painting and Golden semi-gloss gel medium. Brush a generous amount of the gel medium onto your print. Let dry completely. Once dry, turn it over and wet paper with water. Using your fingertips rub away the pulp of the paper. You need to be careful to no rub too hard or else you may rip the plastic film of the dried gel. Once all the paper is off, you will have a film with the image of your printout on it. magic!

  11. by alex216 on November 24, 2009  1:49 pm Reply

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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