the fog rolled in

 |  November 9, 2006

I’ve been feeling all out of sorts lately. And I have been having to take lots of breaks to lie down with a heating pad on my back and under my belly. Needless to say I haven’t had the energy to either work on books (falling behind again!) or paint.

I was feeling a little glum this afternoon and did not want to go lay down again. Nor did I want to work on binding or folding paper for journals. I knew that if I got the brushes in my hands and worked on an actual painting I would feel better. And I did! I worked on a little painting this afternoon. Still working on the title.

when the fog rolled in, mixed media, 5×5 inches

This was painted on a gallery wrapped canvas. I also started a larger painting- 20×24 inches.

Next year will bring a lot of changes for me. In addition to becoming a mother, which is huge, I will be working more towards transitioning to painting. I will continue to make books because I do enjoy that and amanobooks is kind of like my first baby and I just can’t abandon it. But I need to paint. I crave it.


  1. by katie on November 9, 2006  9:33 pm Reply

    this painting is just beautiful! i'm assuming the tree is one of your own photographs; i love how you blend your photographs.

    thanks for the comment of my blog - your right, drawing slows me down so i can really notice, really see what i'm looking at. it's just the practice i need right now.

    i'm hoping you're feeling better really soon. it's so exciting you're going to be a mother. when are you due? my daughter is due in may.

  2. by Angela Rockett on November 10, 2006  12:57 pm Reply

    Beautiful painting, and wonderfully evocative.

    I've been feeling all out of sorts lately myself. Maybe it's the weather. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. by bridgette on November 10, 2006  1:13 pm Reply

    Thanks Katie- yes I used a photo transfer that I created out of one of my photographs. I'm due in feb!

  4. by Into the Blystic on November 10, 2006  2:40 pm Reply

    beautiful work! I know exactly what you mean... something about 'just painting' keeps you fully in the present!

  5. by Sheri Burhoe on November 11, 2006  9:38 am Reply

    I love this - The blue, wow !

  6. by cootiegarage on November 12, 2006  1:02 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful and simple. blue + bare tree = always excellent.

  7. by Colorsonmymind on November 12, 2006  4:46 pm Reply

    Wow this is really beautiful. I am really into the texture.

    I found you through Angela.
    Nice to meet you.

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