the privilege of morning

 |  July 15, 2010

the privilege of morning
encaustic and mixed media
12×12 inches

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. ~ Marcus Aurelius

I have been trying to remember these words when I am woken up in the wee hours of the morning…and then again in the still wee hours of the morning. But somebody is teething and needs the comfort of my arms. It’s hard to remember as I’ve never been a morning person! But really, those words are true and a gift if one can remember to feel blessed for the morning.

It is always a difficult passage when a loved one passes away and you find your life moving on. The urgencies of the day and the needs of the ones around me take over. My own needs push forward for attention as well. All the while summer is being enjoyed with trips to get ice cream cones and visits to the beach. This is the way it must be. But then a random memory enters my constantly running stream of thoughts and to-do lists and I become still. And remember.

And it reinforces the knowledge that each morning is a privilege.


I have really been trying to loosen up more while I paint. I’ve been doing it with my encaustics and also on much larger canvases with acrylics. My palette is so bright now! What is going on?! ha! On the acrylic painting, which is still in its early stage, I actually have orange and a turquoise right next to each other.

Looking back at my work from the past 5 years, I have noticed an abrupt change after the birth of one of my children. I see the change in the colors I choose as well as the treatment of my imagery. I wonder if it stems from the change within or if it’s a product of environment as I mentioned in my last post. Neither of their rooms have ever been pastel themed- bright primary colors dominate. Maybe it’s a combination of both. The books we read are always so bright and graphic as well. hmmm…


  1. by Meri on July 15, 2010  2:27 pm Reply

    Isn't it amazing to know, even in the face of loss, that something of your father continues in you and in your little ones? Hold them tight and love him forward through them. Blessings, my friend. (And love the piece that's going to Lake Oswego. Well done!)

  2. by Bev on July 15, 2010  3:29 pm Reply

    ahhh bridgette...your dad is always there, isn't he? i remember those random emotions after the deaths of my mom and sis...still happens...just out of nowhere...just let the grieving happen as it may...i also know it is hard to do that at times when others need good to yourself...
    your painting is beautiful, leaves a lump in my throat...your work evokes such depth of emotion in me...

  3. by Jane Michalski on July 15, 2010  6:14 pm Reply

    thanks for the reminder of something so simple, yet at the center of everything.

  4. by Jane Michalski on July 15, 2010  6:44 pm Reply

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  5. by nacherluver on July 15, 2010  9:51 pm Reply

    What a lovely thought for the morning! Your painting is wonderful. The post understood loud and clear. May your early moments, your mommy moments and your reminiscing moments all bring you inspiration and clarity for your creative moments.

  6. by Seth on July 15, 2010  11:10 pm Reply

    I can so relate Bridgette. Thank you for the reminder of the privilege of morning, especially during mourning.

  7. by layers on July 16, 2010  11:16 pm Reply

    ahhhh, the memories of my very early morning and even middle of the night awakenings-- teething or bad dreams or there's a monster under the bed-- all needing soothing arms-- and the loss of someone close at the same time-- time will take care of both.

  8. by merci33 on July 19, 2010  10:56 am Reply

    "It is always a difficult passage when a loved one passes away and you find your life moving on. The urgencies of the day and the needs of the ones around me take over. My own needs push forward for attention as well."

    How lovely, and wise, that you can see to that balance in the midst of the experience. Rare. Rare.

    Your posted work is delightful anf I love the way that Seth states it.

  9. by Shayla on July 19, 2010  11:04 am Reply

    It is a joyous piece celebrating life. How interesting it is to analyze what is influencing our work and thank you for sharing such a poignant and deeply felt post. You've made me think about life and how we can be reactive or really live it with gratitude and how beautiful and sometimes brave that can be. I'm writing down the one you shared.

  10. by femminismo on July 20, 2010  7:04 pm Reply

    Changes, transformations: It's all good!

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