the spaces between

the spaces between
the spaces betweenoil and mixed media, 5×5 inches

I recently subscribed to The Artist’s Magazine because I am a sucker for all magazines and if they send me a promotional something in the mail, I will fall for it. I got the first issue this past week and was reading an article about artist, Patti Brady who creates really beautiful acrylic paintings filled with patterns and luscious colors. She said something in the interview that I wanted to remember.

Painting is a lifelong process, and instead of worrying about making the perfect painting, you need to paint a lot.

In these recent weeks I have been inputting all my paintings into that database program that I bought recently. And the most interesting thing that this has revealed to me is that it has put my work into perspective to me. It wasn’t until November of 2005 that I really allowed myself to start painting. I was painting before then of course, but it was my mixed media panels that got bound into journals that I would sell on amanobooks. But it was then in November 2005 that I pulled out my oils and brushes and started listening to that little voice in me that had been aching to paint. Just paint.

And then in 2006, I painted some more, but wasn’t as productive as I was still making journals full time. And then I got pregnant and productivity slowed a bit more and then strict bed rest put a halt to everything. 2007 rolled around and my son was born. It wasn’t until he was 3-months old that I was really able to get back into the studio for bits of time here and there. But May I really started to churn out those paintings.

Becuse my studio time is so limited and I have been working towards a deadline, I have had to let go of perfection. My main goal is to just show up and paint. I have been painting and painting and painting. I have learned so much this year that I know I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t been painting as much as I have.

The other thing too that stuck me even as I write this, is that I feel that becoming a mother has changed me in such a way that I wouldn’t have been able to paint what I have been painting. And painting this year has really been like therapy for me to process all the heartache and fears that occurred at the end of my pregnancy. This is probably another reason why I have been able to create so much. There is a lot inside of me that needed (and still needs) to be addressed.

Come October after preparing for the show is over, I’m going to take a breather. Paint in a more relaxed manner. But I hope and know that I will continue to learn and to grow as Patti Brady said. It is a lifelong process. How exciting is that concept?


  1. what a great quote. it’s so true. and it is amazing what a deadline can do for us, in loosening us up and giving us the impetus to create when we normally might not. your work is gorgeous! are you going to have all this recent work for sale at your show in october?

  2. GORGEOUS painting. I love what you wrote and it rings so true with me. I feel like my creative moments are stolen moments lately. But to think that it’s a lifelong process is…freeing. It helps me to feel calm and relaxed about it. So thanks.

  3. I love how you write about the thoughts behind the process of art, it is a topic that has fascinated me for years. In college I did my thesis on the creative process. I love that your blog has both art and thoughts on art. Don’t mind if I visit a bit more? 🙂
    Oh and your 5×5’s are beautiful. Best of luck with the prep for your show.

  4. Bridgette, How amazing that I happened upon your blog. A few years ago at ArtFest we were standing next to each other during the self-portrait exchange and we exchanged portraits. Yours has always been one of my favorites. I so love what you have been doing since. So glad I found your blog. Jonna

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