Varietist Muse, Vol. 1

 |  February 8, 2009

Mixed media artist Cynjon Noah recently created a zine called Varietist Muse and it is now available on Blurb

You can read more about his vision of this zine at his blog. Thanks Cynjon for including my work!


  1. by Karin on February 9, 2009  1:24 am Reply

    very cool, I'm going to go check it out! congrats on the inclusion :)

  2. by Meri Arnett-Kremian on February 9, 2009  11:08 am Reply

    I went to his site and then traveled to Blurb to preview the zine. It's very cool. . . and pregnant with possibility. So happy to see your work prominently featured!

  3. by Cynjon on February 9, 2009  1:04 pm Reply

    You're welcome, Bri! Thanks for joining in...and for the pimpage!

  4. by Seth on February 12, 2009  12:50 am Reply

    I am waiting for my copy. Looking forward to seeing your artwork there Bridgette.

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