visual journal detail

 |  August 18, 2006

Very busy but productive week. Unfortunately nothing interesting to show here. But I got a lot of work done for amanbooks-cutting of boards and paper, sewing up of pages, etc. This week I was also able to cross off several custom books off my HUGE to-do list.

I am changing things around, or at least trying to. I want to spend more time on creating mixed media journals and natural elements journals. But time is always scarce due to the other demands. So I will be trying to trim down those other demands. Why spend time creating journals that I don’t really want to make anymore when I could be using that time to create the journals that I love to make?! I will continue to make those books until I run out of the paper, and then I will stop!

Which will also help me to carve out time for painting. Which I have been having a hard time finding the time.

detail of a visual journal spread

But who knows what will happen when the baby comes! I imagine there will be a lot of readjusting then too. But I can start now so that I am not doubly overwhelmed then.

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