We Are Here, Together

Here We Are, Together is an encaustic mixed media painting by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Here We Are, Together, encaustic mixed media, 18×18 inches

This piece took a long time to resolve itself. It was originally a painting I made back in 2013 and then had decided to rework it sometime last year. And then a few years ago, I decided to rework that rework. I have to think that things take the time that it needs to take and you just can’t rush it.

Sometimes for me, the pieces that seem pretty simple compositionally take me the longest. There are so many layers on this piece because of all the reworking and indecision. The good thing about all that indecision is having so many layers can lead to carving into the surface. That’s always fun.

I actually thought I had finished it about a week ago. I left it hanging on my wall though with the tape on the sides still on. I must have known deep down that it wasn’t quite right if I left the tape on. All week I looked at the piece on my wall and it was telling me that one little part was not quite right. And then today I finally figured out what was bothering me. Finally!! I worked on it this morning and then it looked worse. I got it a point where it was better, but I still was like, meh, it’s ok. I put it aside for the day and worked on other pieces. Got to the point where my studio time was over and family life took over as kids got home and I had to drive to various places and get dinner ready. But I snuck back in the studio before I had to really concentrate on dinner and I pulled it together really quick. But was it quick? No. It took all day, and it took all week, and before that it took a few weeks and then before that it took several years.

“While adding the finishing touches to a painting might appear insignificant, it is much harder to do than one might suppose.” -Claude Monet

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