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By the end of this weekend, we had updated the collage/mixed media journal section of amanobooks with 8 new journals. I hope to finish up binding a few more this week. This journal above is one of my new ones. I really like this tree. It’s grounded yet so dynamic at the same time. This one is also a mixed media and encaustic panel created on a birch panel.

After taking a break from making journals, it feels really good to be back at it again. I’m finding myself enjoying the tasks that used to drive me crazy at times, like punching the holes in the folded crease of the pages or folding the stacks of paper that I had separated. The rote physical movements. Sewing each journal up and feeling the weight in my hands.

I guess it’s good to take breaks from things if possible. Making something I did for several years into something new again. I just hope my hands can keep up. The damp cold weather we’ve been having though is not good for my joints! I need to find my wrist-warmers. Where could they be? I seem to be losing lots of things lately. Very indicative of all the busy-ness going on. I was tossing and turning last night thinking of everything that needs to get done, house-wise , moving-wise art-wise and just life-wise. Must get my To-dO lists going before my head pops off.


  1. Your journals are very beautiful. I’m wondering if you seal the surface. How do they hold up being knocked about? One more question? Are you using a gromet maker for the holes? I did not think that would go through book board. Looks very tidy.

    The moving part really stinks. Everything is turned upside down for awhile….

  2. hi lindsay, thanks for your comment and questions. I do seal the surfaces of the covers done in acrylics. This one however is encaustic and doesn’t get sealed. Because of the method that I used to create this panel, the cover holds up well. My last two journals that I have used, which I brign with me most everywhere were made in the same way, with no nicks or scratches or anything! I used my drill to make the holes. My mixed media journal covers are not made using bookboard. I use either canvas panels or birch panels.

    And, yes, feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done and all the changes that are going to happen!

  3. Thanks very much Bridgette. I use an awl or a hammer to make my holes….a drill sounds so much better! Interesting that the encaustic surfaces are so sturdy! Thanks for such a detailed response.

  4. Thanks Genie!

    Lindsay, I usually use an awl and a hammer too, but my awl went missing. So i’m using my drill in the meantime. Hopefully my awl will show up soon!

  5. Bridgette, I always love seeing what you do with trees. “Grounded and dynamic”–you describe your art well. And what you say about “rote physical movements,” “feeling the weight in my hands”–that strikes a chord. I know the feeling of finding an odd comfort in repetitive things.

  6. Thanks san for your words. Yes, it’s the comfort in repetitive things that I like. That’s a good way to put it. It’s the same way I feel when I’m chopping or stirring in the kitchen.

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