Where Earth Meets Sky and Water

Where Earth Meets Sky and Water is an encausic painting of the Chesapeake wetlands by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Where Earth Meets Sky and Water, encaustic, 24×36 inches

Several years ago, I went with my daughter’s troop across the Chesapeake Bay bridge to an area just off the bridge where we were to help with oyster reef restoration in the bay. Oyster reefs are incredibly important to the health of the bay’s ecosystem, so we spent the day out there working on a project for the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. I helped, of course, but I also was entranced by my surroundings and found myself looking off into the distance, amidst the laughing and shrieking of tween girls. I took many photos that day and since then I have made several paintings, often painting the same scene over and over. This one is the third time I painted this scene. And each time was a different encounter. I really like revisiting the same scene as it’s interesting how 1)I learn something new each time 2)I really get to know that scene after hours of looking 3)it’s never the same.

I actually declared this painting done last summer, but deep down I knew I could work on it some more. I tried to ignore that voice, but when you know you know. I had the painting hanging in my house and I would see it every day and that voice kept getting louder. So last week I pulled it down and obeyed that voice. And I’m so glad I did. When I look at it, I feel a sense of calm. The voice is no longer there.

I had a frame that I knew would be great with it as it has a white washed finish and a very clean look. It makes me so happy now when I see it, no annoying voice telling me things I already know and trying to ignore.

“A thing is complete when you can let it be.” -Gita Bellin

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