encaustic painting of wildflowers by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Wildflowers, encaustic, 16×20 inches

Many years ago I snapped a photo of this wild burst of wildflowers by a lake in Illinois. I always wanted to do something with the image. Mixed media angle didn’t seem the right way to go and to be honest I was a bit intimidated about painting it out right. But after I had done several of the encaustic paintings of wild meadows and tangled branches, I was ready.

Seeing this painting on the studio wall is like a bright spot of green and lavender in wild abandon. I love that. This painting will be part of the show I have been preparing for gallery at Manor Mill in Monkton, MD that opens at the end of July. I will have a mixture of my landscapes and my mixed media work.

I just finished reading Mary Reynold’s We Are the Ark. If you are new to rewilding concepts, this is a good book to start with. I think of it as a rewilding primer with magical illustrations. At the end of the book she writes:

“We are just reflections of the earth; we mirror each other. It is no coincidence that our inner energy is often muted and depressed. All the wild places and wild sanctuaries are being destroyed, and we are in turn becoming bland and empty. But our true natures are wild and magical and are still lingering there beneath the skin, waiting for us to remember.” – Mary Reynolds

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