wings of the wind

 |  April 12, 2006

wings of the wind, mixed media, 5×5 inches

I don’t normally participate in round robins, swaps, etc, because of time constraints. I barely have time keeping up with what I have to get done! But this project is for someone who has been going through a hard time. This page I created will be bound into a book to encourage her.

The words read: fly upon the wings of the wind

From Psalm 18:10

I like how this turned out, I may try making one larger. hmmmm…


  1. by Evoke-Designs by Lorraine on April 13, 2006  8:42 am Reply

    I just came across your website and blog. Your work is very nice and peaceful to look at.

  2. by Tongue in Cheek Antiques on April 21, 2006  1:11 am Reply

    the different directions, the bird flying one way, the feather pointing another, the string mmoves away, off centered...these details give this the depth of beauty I like.

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