work in progress

studio table work in progress
studio table, works in progress 1.13.2021

Yesterday, I blocked out the morning hours for studio time. I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on except that I needed to get in there and start or continue on panels I had started. It felt good to be back in there. More like myself.

Earlier this week I facetimed with my friend Emily Demsky to catch up on life and art and the insanity of this past year and current week. We pondered questions like- as creators and image makers, we are the ones who take in the world around us and translate them, articulate them, put things into a visual form to help people articulate what they love what they fear what they hope for what they need what brings them joy what they feel but don’t know how to put into words what helps them breathe in and what helps them exhale… But I asked what do you do though when you’re so damn tired and weary? How do we do what we ourselves need? That’s how I’ve felt this past year. And still feeling it this week

There are so many things that I had to let go of in terms of my studio practice this past year to focus on home and family during a pandemic. I learned that it’s ok to rest and to be quiet and stay healthy. Since many shows and teaching opportunities were cancelled, it wasn’t all that difficult. I mean, it was difficult, but cancellations pretty much take things out of your hands. Luckily life goes on and I need to get going. It is challenging though when it pretty much feels like we’re all holding our breath this month.

I’m trying to remind myself that much like my studio table, I am a work in progress- often messy, but constantly awaiting creation and expression. That’s who I am.


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