|  December 19, 2005

There are many reasons to love Daniel Smith Art Supply store.
1. wonderful products
2. very helpful and knowledgable staff
3. free workshops!!!

I went to two workshops this weekend. The one on Saturday was on oils taught by Danila Rumold. She did a demo on creating an underpainting and then building up with glazes. She brought in examples of her work which are abstract, so it was neat to see her switch to more figurative painting in her demo. I learned a lot. It’s all falling into place now in my head. Can’t wait to paint some more…

Today I went to a demo on encaustics, specifically Works on Paper with Wax taught by Megan Irving. She used to work for R&F, the company that makes encaustic products and she shared a lot of great techniques. Things I hadn’t ever thought of to do with wax.

I love learning not just about how to use different mediums, but also what they are. Creating art is such a part of the natural world…I can’t quite put it into words yet. The process from minerals or nuts or ground up bone turned into paint or medium then turned into a piece of art by the artist. It’s a beautiful process.

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