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 |  January 4, 2012

artwork 2011
selected works from 2011

Looking over my work that I created in 2011, I am reminded of that often quoted line from Picasso:

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

This mosaic is actually sort of in a time line with the most recent works at the top going from left to right. And scanning these, I remember what was going on in my life when each of these were created, what issues I was dealing with,what I was pushing forward with in terms of technique. The interesting thing to me was that before I reviewed 2011, I didn’t think I had produced that much, but I actually created more than I thought. That’s why doing a review is important- we often don’t realize what we have accomplished or completed. It’s a good thing to remember when I feel like I’m hitting a wall.

Here is my breakdown of 2011:

:: Painted 16 encaustic paintings
:: Worked in 5 collaborative artist books
:: 15 handbound mixed media blank journals
:: Completed a commission of 3 large paintings


:: Participated in 6 group shows- 3 in Chicago, 2 in Arizona, 1 in Kentucky
:: Featured artist in Somerset Workshop 2011
:: Work published in 2 books, Artist Unique and Plaster Studio
:: Interviewed for Fascinating Women article (thanks Meri!)
:: Continued to have work at Sacred Art in Chicago, IL
:: Work on the wall at 3231 Creatives in Everett, WA as well

In less quantifiable terms:
:: Still proving to myself that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”
:: Still moving to painting larger paintings
:: Really trying to push myself- getting out of a comfort zone.
:: Feeling confident with how and why I do the things I do
:: Learning to focus on what I am able to do, not what others are doing and comparing myself. Everyone has their own path, including myself!
:: Learned that I really enjoy teaching. Believe me, this introvert is still surprised by that fact!

2011 was a challenging year in the personal realm, as well in the art realm. I constantly felt like I was lagging behind or that I was always scrambling to meet deadlines. I put myself in new situations that were at times jarring, but in the end I came through and was grateful for the growth. I have a lot of questions popping up that still needs some answers to. I did a lot of wrestling with my inner critic, but again, it’s a struggle that is necessary.

2012 has started off better than 2011 did, so that’s a good thing! I read somewhere once that one should try to spend the first day of the year in a manner that will set the tone for the rest of the year. This January 1st, I made a big pancake breakfast for my family, spent the rest of the morning in our pajamas, cleaned up the house and started on my “Purging of Things” quest that is still ongoing, played with some of the new toys that my kids got, and fired up the torch that I got for my birthday. It was a good day. Here’s to a good 2012…

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. -Van Gogh


  1. by Lianne on January 5, 2012  4:51 am Reply

    I cant remember what I did Jan 1st. Hope that doesn't mean 2012 is going to be forgettable :/ whoops

    Glad you're feeling positive about the future and have recognised your achievements from 2011. Can't wait to see what's next for you and your work. Happy new year!

  2. by windrock studio on January 5, 2012  9:37 am Reply

    Hey Bridgette, I love seeing all your gorgeous work this way and also love the quote ~ a very Happy New Year to you, I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

  3. by emily on January 5, 2012  9:59 am Reply

    Love this post, so beautiful to see all of these lovely works together. Your work inspires me to fit more time for art into my crazy life!

  4. by Just Jen on January 5, 2012  11:21 am Reply

    Unbelievably impressive accomplishment Bri! Kudos!!

  5. by Carole on January 6, 2012  1:55 am Reply

    An amazing year you had! It's lovely to see your work together on this post. It's all so beautiful. I wonder what 2012 will bring you?

  6. by Seth on January 6, 2012  11:02 am Reply

    Thanks for allowing us to walk through 2011 with you and look forward to 2012. Seems to me this was a year of many accomplishments for you. I know how hard you work Bridgette and I am very happy for your successes. And like the first day of 2012, I hope you can spend every day of the year in your pajamas!

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