30 in 30: Day2

Day 2 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days. You can see the other artists who signed up for the challenge at Leslie Saeta’s Blog.

encaustic mixed media
6×6 inches

This was an older little piece that I reworked today. I tend to do that a lot. This is one of the reasons why I take so many in progress shots. My paintings change so much that I want to take shots of certain stages, kind of like taking notes to myself. There are times when I wish I had left it alone, but usually it is for the best. I actually am reworking several old paintings right now. It actually feels therapeutic to paint over an old surface. New life.

Helps too because other than the commissions I am working on, I am still meandering around, thinking about what I want to work on next. Nothing more frightening than a big blank canvas at times. If I keep my hands busy, I trust that something will enter in my head.

“First of all, being creative is not summoning stuff ex nihilo. It’s work, plain and simple β€” adding something to some other thing or transforming something.” – Michael Erard

Here is a great article about breaking through creative blocks


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