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 |  December 14, 2007

journal by Gerri Newfry

Gerri is a book artist from Chicago and we have been talking about trading journals for a few years now, it seems! It’s always been difficult for me to find extra time to work on trades, and even moreso now. But I am so glad that we were able to do this. Her work is incredible and I feel so lucky to now have one of her journals in my possession. Her covers are made out of polymer clay. The photo I took with the journal in my lap is not the best. (sorry Gerri!) But you can see a better shot of it here at her blog.

I actually met Gerri in person back in March 2006 at artfest. It was very brief, too brief, but anyone who has been to artfest knows how crazy it can get. But we’ve known each other online for longer than that. It’s nice to have a little bit of Gerri with me here. I feel like I should get a cup of chai tea and sit with my little book.

Now what to use this very special journal for….hmmmm.


  1. by Into the Blystic on December 14, 2007  10:27 pm Reply

    You are both lucky as you both make fabulous journals! namaste Elis.

  2. by bridgette on December 17, 2007  2:05 am Reply

    thanks elis! You are pretty fabulous yourself. :)

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