a little bird told me

 |  May 21, 2007

a little bird told me, acrylic and mixed media, 20×24 inches

I started this painting back in early November before we found out that complications had occurred in the 28th week of my pregnancy. I had had a very powerful dream a few weeks before that ultrasound. In the dream I was holding my future baby and I saw his beautiful face so clearly. I had written about it in my journal then and I wrote how I felt like I had met my son. The dream was that clear. When everything seemed to be going so terribly wrong during the pregnancy and I had to give myself those shots everyday, I would remember that dream. His face. It gave me hope that everything was going to be ok. And everything has turned out better than I ever even hoped for. He is so healthy and so strong and just perfect in every way.

That dream was truly a gift. Because there were times during my bedrest that I felt so scared and sad. That little face I saw, the one that I see now every day, helped me more than I can even verbally express. I truly believe that I was sent the dream because it gave me hope and strength. A sign. A vision.

So, this painting is very personal and special to me. I’m glad that I finally was able to finish it this past week.


  1. by AluapPaula on May 21, 2007  11:48 pm Reply

    Wow, Bridgette, you just totally blow me away with each image you post and the writing that goes with it! I am in awe...
    And that powerful dream you had takes my breath away. What intuition you have and connection to your child. Noah was telling YOU that he was going to see you.

  2. by bridgette on May 22, 2007  1:05 am Reply

    Thank you Paula. I think you are right- that he was telling me that he was going to be ok. :)
    I like that.

  3. by Tricia Scott on May 22, 2007  7:52 am Reply

    I am in awe too bridgette. such a lovely piece. simply breathtaking and the words you share are so beautifully expressed.
    what a wonderful gift, this dream.

  4. by Megan on June 5, 2007  1:57 pm Reply

    What a wonderful painting Bridgette. I think this brings meaning to many many women out there that experience childbirth. It's a beautiful piece. I would love to see it next time we come over.

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