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 |  January 1, 2007

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Fortunately I can write that I am still pregnant and still on bed rest. We are expecting the arrival of our little one though sometime in the next 10 days! Early, but at least not as early as we once feared a month ago.

Every first day of the year I review my year in terms of personal and business accomplishments. 2006 was really the first year that I attempted to start selling my paintings. I’ve been selling my books through amanobooks.com for about 4 years now, but my goal this year was to start my transition towards creating and selling my paintings. My main goal was to paint and start submitting my work. It was scary, but I feel good about the steps I have taken. This is what I accomplished this year:

:: Submitted my work to Fifth Avenue Art Gallery and was accepted and am slated for a solo show later this year, 2007

:: Hung two paintings in the show at Artfest this past March in Port Townsend and sold one

:: Entered three paintings in a juried art show this summer in Seattle and won 1st place as well as sold two painting during the weekend show

:: Submitted my work to another upcoming show and was accepted

:: Submitted my work to a gallery and was not accepted, but I totally was not devastated! It actually didn’t bother me at all. Good sign of good mental health in regards to putting my work out there in the world.

:: Wrote an article about something I created for my wedding in 2005 published in Somerset Set Studio Wedding Magazine February 2006 issue.

:: My wedding invitation that I created was also published in the same issue.

:: amanobooks.com still continues to grow each year wtih gallery and boutique opportunities

:: Clarified within myself what direction I want to go in with amanobooks. I would like to continue creating my journals and books, but with a more specific focus. I need to continue to do this so that I can free up time to paint more.

Upcoming goals:

This is hard as I am not sure how life will be once the baby arrives. He will be my first priority. And yet I know that I will infuse creativity in my daily life. And once we adjust I will keep painting and pushing forward. And keep submitting!


  1. by tina on January 2, 2007  12:59 am Reply

    I am happy and relieved that you're doing well!!!

  2. by Angela Rockett on January 2, 2007  1:17 pm Reply

    Congratulations on having such a sucessful year! I definitely want to know when your shows are up so I can go see them.

    Also happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well. You must be so excited to meet him! I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

    (p.s. having some problems posting so I apologize if this is a duplicate)

  3. by Hezza on January 2, 2007  4:13 pm Reply

    I am so proud of you and all of your creations.
    love to you and the familia

  4. by Tracy on January 3, 2007  9:21 am Reply

    So glad you've posted and that things are still well! And it looks like you've had a very successful year art wise.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your little baby when he comes!

  5. by dawn on January 3, 2007  8:26 pm Reply

    I'm so glad to hear you're doing well! Keep us posted, K? :)

  6. by Karen on January 7, 2007  11:29 pm Reply

    great to hear you are back! next year will be all about the baby, just go with it- dont even stress it ( i did at first!). i LOVE your new paintings- the are BEAUTIFUL!! just a few more days.... enjoy those naps!

  7. by donab on January 30, 2007  9:58 am Reply

    What an impressive list of accomplishments! I'm so very impressed and inspired by what you have achieved in a year.

    I popped over here because I wast thinking about you being on bed rest and hoping you were well - I'm so excited to see the announcement of your little one's birth! Congratulations to you, and welcome to him. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about his sweet self.

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