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This past Tuesday, we finally worked out our schedules so that I could trek on up to Trish Seggebruch’s studio out in Snohomish to paint. I wish I lived closer so that I could come and hang out with these wonderful women more often. It’s good for my spirits to be around these vibrant, creative women and to meet new people as well.

I didn’t get much painting down myself. I wanted to work on transfers, but for some reason my transfers weren’t behaving as they should. Oh well. It was great to just be there and see and hear what everyone has been up to. I hadn’t been able to attend one of these gatherings for a few months.

Trish is always up to something new which I’m always excited to hear about. She is opening up her studio to other artists to come in and teach workshops. Check out her web site to see all the offerings. I have my eye on one in particular already.

Trish had a friend visiting from Victoria, B.C., Chin Yuen who had come to work specifically in encaustics during her stay. She works in acrylics mainly and comes to WA once a year to immerse herself in wax. It was so nice to meet her.

Sue Roberston was there working in acrylics. I got one of her moo cards, which I love. I need to get some of those. I actually own one of Sue’s figurative paintings. I bought it before I ever met her, which is kind of cool now that I know her.

Wendy Lee Lynds arrived and worked on some encaustic paintings. She is going to be teaching a collage workshop this weekend over on Whidbey Island. I love being around Wendy’s energy-she just sweeps you in!

I didn’t get to talk to Binky Bergsman too much as she arrived later in the day and then left and then when she came back it was time for me to leave. But I was glad to see her again and talk for a bit before I headed back to the city.

I was so happy to see Karon Leigh again. She was working on her pieces for a show called “Breast of the Northwest” that will be exhibiting later this month. The prints turned out beautifully, although I’m not going to go into the details of her process for these right now…but you can read all about it at her blog. It’s always a treat to see Karon. She gave me a hug when she came in and I just felt enveloped by her spirit.

Sue Carter joined us too in the studio. She is new to painting in wax and used the day to explore the medium some more. It was nice to meet another ex-Chicagoan who has also been known to have a Chicago pizza shipped all the way out to WA! She used to live on the same street that I worked when I lived in Chicago. What a small world.

What I said about what I felt when I was embraced by Karon, is really how I feel the whole time I am at Trish’s studio day. It is just such a great atmosphere. Women artists supporting other women artists. Doesn’t matter what level you are or what you do, it’s just about being there and creating and having fun and brain storming and rah-rah-rahing each other along.


  1. Hi Bridgette You are soo lucky to be able to go play with Trish… I have admired her work for awhile… alongside with yours lol! Art buddies make a nice change from working in solitude i find! namaste Elis.

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