a raffle for a good cause

 |  April 19, 2006

Please read and consider this. Raffle for Dante Salvatierra

I have gotten to know Sara of manto fev through her livejournal and I have also had the pleasure of doing business with her. She found me some great seaglass for my a custom book that I was working on. Sadly though, her husband has been diganosed with a brain tumor. He recently had surgery to remove a the tumor and now they are raising money to pay for the outrageous medical bills with an art raffle.

The raffle consists of original art work, art supplies, yarn, and much more. I donated one of my mixed media journals for the cause because Sara and Dante are such wonderful people and I just wanted to help them out in their time of need. This journal normally sells for $64 on amanobooks, but it’s going for the price of a $4 raffle ticket!!!!!!! What a bargain!

The journal that I donated is similar to this one.

Raffle tickets are only $4 and you can also just donate money, a dollar or more. Just consider it. And my personal thanks to all who donated.

You can read more about Dante’s surgery and about the raffle at Raffle for Dante Salvatierra

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