and here we stand

and here we stand, encaustic and mixed media, 8×8 inches

I worked in my studio today and brought this piece home to show my husband. He is always the first one to see my finished pieces. He said that this piece is his favorite so far in the recent series that I have been doing with enaustics on birch. That surprised me. He never gives explanations though, so I just have to be content with his answer. I do feel that this piece is much stronger in person. The layers and layers at the bottom just don’t translate onto the screen.

During my layering, I felt something click in my brain. I still haven’t processed what yet…but I felt it.

I got a voicemail from the landlady of the building my studio is in and she wants to give me a show in April. I still have to talk to her about the details.

I am thinking about doing an open studio for the Ballard Art Walk, which is this Saturday. Um, what day is it today? If I can get it all together, I will. I haven’t done one yet, so it’ll be an interesting experience. Although the art walks are much livelier in the summertime when it stays light out for so long, so I’m not sure if there will be much traffic. It will still be a good experience just to start this month. And then at least I’ll have all the prep work done, so that in the coming months I don’t have to prepare as much.

I can’t hammer nails into the wall…so I need to figure something else out. That has been the hold up. When I get time to go to the studio, the last thing I want to do is spend time figuring that out. I want to paint. But, as I’ve learned this past year, there are lots of tasks behind the scenes that has nothing to do with creating. And they have to get done.

So, we’ll see if I can get it done by Saturday. Typing that last sentence out actually made me laugh. If I can motivate myself to work after my son goes to sleep at night, I might be able to pull it off. hmmmm


  1. beautiful.
    I like it when you talk about your mental process, whether it’s about how your mind calms down, or in today’s where you say something clicked and you still have to figure it out. Very right-brained.

    I remember the times I’ve enjoyed painting and also felt those same things.

    Thanks as always bridg, I love your insightful entries combined with the visual delights of your artwork. My brain needs that!

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