|  May 11, 2009

studio journal, left side

quote says:
The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself ~rudyard kipling

studio journal, right side


  1. by Izzy on May 11, 2009  2:56 pm Reply

    Great journal page...

  2. by Meri Arnett-Kremian on May 11, 2009  3:05 pm Reply

    So Bridgette, as one who just hasn't answered the call of visual journals, how long did it take you to do that beautiful 2-page spread? What benefits do you find from the ritual? How often do you do it? Just wondering.

  3. by Carmen on May 11, 2009  3:16 pm Reply

    Great page Bridgette and that Kipling quote is brilliant.

  4. by bridgette on May 11, 2009  3:31 pm Reply

    Thank you izzy, meri, and carmen for your comments!

    Meri- i prepared the 2 pages fairly quickly- maybe 15-30 min? I don't remember since I created them back in October! But I only wrote on them in April. I have a big sketchbook where I have pre-painted & collaged pages throughout the book. Then when I feel like writing, I can write. It would be too much time for me to do both at once. :)

    I like to do it as a way to play around. The paint and visuals on these pages are not what typically appear in my paintings. Since it's in a book, and since i'll be writing fairly mundane notes to myself on top of the artwork, i don't really care too much about what I do. It's about playing and experimenting. No judgement and no expectations.

    I don't do it that often. My time to be in the studio is so limited as it is. Sometimes it's once a week, and sometimes it's once a month.

  5. by Angela Wales Rockett on May 11, 2009  3:33 pm Reply

    Great quote! So true, so true.

    You continue to inspire me in my own visual journaling efforts.

  6. by Regina on May 11, 2009  4:26 pm Reply

    I really love this spread. The hand reminds me of something that (regretfully) I did not do. When my Dad was in a pretty advanced stage of Alzheimer's disease I thought about doing a print of his hand. I was worried he would be frightened or confused by the process, so I dismissed it. I guess I could have just traced his hand.
    I miss his touch and your page made me realize that we can leave an artistic impression of our hand for those who go on after us. I hope that doesn't come across too morbid, because that's not how it's intended. Maybe just being sentimental.

  7. by Janet on May 11, 2009  5:39 pm Reply

    Lovely. I am reading Mary Oliver's new book of poetry and it's inspiring all kinds of images.

  8. by Kim Hambric on May 13, 2009  12:29 pm Reply

    Beautiful. Love the hand, love the spirals, really love the quote. I think I read that at just the right time.

  9. by Seth on May 13, 2009  7:47 pm Reply

    Always love your journal pages. These have such a great feeling of freedom and abandon about them!

  10. by 2 Dog Studio on May 13, 2009  10:44 pm Reply

    Bridgette, I'm so glad you stopped by...reminded me that I have not been here in awhile and I"m excited that today of all days was a journal page! I've enjoyed reading your journal information over at http://www.amanobooks.com/blog/ and I"m adding this one to my lovely blogs as well~ Happy Day!

  11. by Compost Studios on May 19, 2009  10:52 am Reply

    Oh that handprint with the swirl in the palm seals the whole message, visual and written. Beautiful.


  12. by HeartFire on May 19, 2009  12:32 pm Reply

    Love your journal pages...!

  13. by smith kaich jones on May 20, 2009  8:47 am Reply

    I have such a thing for handprints. And pawprints. I so love your journal pages, but have taken your words from long ago to heart, and no longer agonize if I cannot "do" them. I am missing the journaling gene. But I take inspiration from you nonetheless, and have thought of you quite a bit while working on my upcoming show, small though it is. AND while being my own "man" - lol! Frightened I am, but that's okay - I am no longer intimidated - the fear is only skin deep right now. I am learning to believe in myself, my "vision." I love this quote, and I, of course, love these pages.

    :) Debi

  14. by jennifer lorton on May 22, 2009  12:08 am Reply

    Beautiful and strong, I really like it very much.

  15. by Patrice on May 22, 2009  12:12 am Reply

    Great imagery and I love the quote.

  16. by rivergardenstudio on May 22, 2009  1:53 pm Reply

    Your reds and blues are striking... so different from some of your other colors... I love the hand. Roxanne

  17. by Joy on May 28, 2009  4:43 pm Reply

    Bridgette, I was going to comment on each piece, but realized my comment would be the same for each one. I like them. I like the colors. I can't quite 'figure them out' but that's okay. I like the mysteriousness of your work. Maybe I like your work cause it's like an 'illustrated thought'--but I don't know what the thought is---back to the 'mysteriousness'.

  18. by Wendy on June 14, 2009  12:17 am Reply

    Love these pages! :)

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