Art and Meaning

Have you vistied the blog of artist Katherine Treffinger? If you haven’t, you should! Not only does she post her fantastic artwork but she also includes posts of different artists answering the same question:

What meaning does doing art have for you?

She was so kind to share my answer to this very important question on her blog. Go check it out and see other artists’ answers too. It is really interesting to read all the different thoughts on the same question.


  1. I’m so glad to have discovered your work today through Katherine’s blog. I think your paintings and encaustic works are lovely. I’m a mixed media painter and have recently become very intrigued by painting with beeswax (though I’ve yet to give it a try), and I love the spirituality and gentle mood of your paintings.

  2. Thank you Bridgette for contributing your beautiful work and great response to my art and meaning question and to my blog. Mean while you have the best smile!!! Your whole being is involved in that smile!

  3. great answer!!!
    i have always thought that my art is my therapy, my meditation!
    my sacred time, when nothing else matters except the canvas in front of me.

  4. hi bridgette! we have made it out west and i am thinking of you often as i work to integrate into a new city and home…for me right now art is the light at the end of the tunnel ( my studio is still a week or two away from being in working order). congratulations on the shows!


  5. Hi Bridgette, I received your journals today!! Each one is beautiful!! Now I have to decide which one I keep and which one’s to give – since I did purchase two as gifts!! I really want to keep them all!! 🙂


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