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 |  September 15, 2006

I am not very familiar with tarot cards, but a very creative friend of mine, Cynjon Noah invited me to join in a group of other artists creating decks based on a word. I couldn’t refuse. My words were: Desire, Journey, and Melancholy.

For my three cards I returned to some of my older mixed media panels that have already sold. But I used the images either as a background or a detail for a new piece.


For Desire I wanted to impart how desire is double edged: Desire is a craving that propels us forward. Without desire we are complacency- standing in lines, moving along those crowded airport ramps, taking us towards some vague destiny. Desire is a gift that needs to be listened to and heard and fed. But caution is also necessary. Desire held too closely can enslave you to that object of desire. Desire unchecked can consume.


Journey: Exploration into the unknown, and even the known, leads to growth and a gain in perspective and knowledge. Journeys involve seeking and searching for answers to the world, to oneself. The inward spiritual journey is just as important as exploring new places and scenes. The journey begins within.


This is very similar to a mixed media panel I created last year, I believe. But I really felt like it capture what I wanted to say about melancholy. So I did it again!

Melancholy: Despite having a negative connotation, melancholy can be viewed as a gift. Instead of being viewed as a trait of the depressed and unfortunate, melancholy can also be seen as a trait of philosophers, prophets, artists, poets, and heroes. Melancholy is a window into ourselves. It allows us to think, ponder, reflect, imagine. If you are able to embrace this phase rather than being swallowed by it, find peace in the momentary pause and look for the gifts left to you by introspection and sensitivity.


  1. by Jess on September 15, 2006  7:57 pm Reply

    These are great! I am really drawn to the melancholy card.

  2. by cootiegarage on September 16, 2006  10:47 am Reply

    These are all unbelievably beautiful! Well done!!!

  3. by Deryn Mentock on September 17, 2006  12:06 am Reply

    These are wonderful. You're very talented! I love your comments about "melancholy".

  4. by Konjure on July 10, 2009  8:02 pm Reply

    Just found your work.
    Very thought provoking.

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