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Today I had a fun art day with the very talented book artist Gerri Newfry. Last week I saw an ad in the Tribune for the American Craft Exposition taking place this weekend in Evanston, actually at my alma mater. Gerri and I have been emailing since I moved to Chicago about getting together and I thought it would be fun to finally meet up and take in some art. We met online several years ago and actually met in person at Artfest in 2006. It was a very brief meeting as things can be quite hectic at artfest, but I always had a feeling that one day we would meet up again.

Today was the first day to myself I have had in months! I am glad I got to go look at some art today. I really needed that jolt. There were two artists in particular that struck a cord with me.

If I could, I would have gone home with one of Chris Roberts-Antieau’s pieces. Or two. Read her statement. It’s very interesting.

I would put an image of her fabric painting on here to illustrate, but not sure if that’s ok to do, so just go here and see for yourself.

I really want this piece. Because I love waffles. Aunt Jemima blueberry waffles that I haven’t been able to buy since the last time we lived in Chicago. 8 years I’ve gone without those waffles! I found a box at the Treasure Island grocery store and have been in heaven ever since. You can ask my husband, I talk about waffles all the time. Oh yes, I do. Anyway, it would make so happy everyday to be eating waffles in the morning and having that painting in the same room.

You know when you go to a big show and there are tons of artists and booths, and then you come upon a booth where it makes the getting there, the parking, the entry fee, the crowds all worthwhile? Well, Graceann Warn’s encaustic paintings did that for me. Oh man, the images on the Web site really are just not the same as in person. Her work is just gorgeous and inspiring.
Edit: it looks like her link is down. hmmmm. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Gerri also introduced me to Daniel Essig whose work is amazing. I have seen his work published in different book art books, but never in person. Wow! I have always held his work in awe, and that was without having seen his work in front of me. He had a little book inside a bigger book and the little book was the size of my thumbnail.

All in all a good day for a Me day. Gerri and I talked about having more art days in the future. I hope we can follow through with that. My studio is almost done being organized! Almost there… Who knew this would take so long? I admit there is some feet dragging on my part. A little anxiety since it’s been so long.

But I know once I start I’ll get into the rhythm.


  1. I just wanted to stop by to say hello and welcome back to Chicago. I’ve been on vacation and also taking a computer vacation so I’ve been out of things for awhile.
    Good luck settleing in and thanks for the altered page link. Interesting project.

  2. Bridgette, WOW what an amazing day you had…and truly needed by the sounds of it!
    Thank you for all the wonderful links…Graceann Warn’s work is sublime…I can only imagine how incredible this work would be in real life.
    Very exciting about your studio being “almost” organized!!!

  3. Wow. I’m glad you finally got a day for yourself! 🙂

    What incredible art there is out there in the world – so glad you provided an unselfish glimpse into others’ worlds. Thank you so much.

    Also can’t wait for the rhythm to find YOU.


  4. Graceann Warn’s work is absolutely lovely. I can see how you would fall in love with it. Does she really do outdoor shows? With the amount of representation she has nationally I’m surprised she has the time to do that! Seriously lovely work. 🙂

  5. Great post! I love “meeting” new artists and the ones featured here are totally new to me. Graceann’s work is wonderful and as for Daniel Lessig….my heart is racing!

  6. Thank you for linking me to Graceann Warn’s art. . . I love it. Last night I dreamed about putting a section of black and white in an art piece, and today I see her work. Coincidence? Very inspiring.

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