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 |  July 1, 2007

My oldest sister was just in town for a few days to hang out and meet the newest addition to the family. We had a lot of fun- talking, laughing, cooking, eating, and best of all, making art! I’ve always wanted to show her how to do some mixed media techniques. Before she flew here I told her to bring some of her favorite photos of her daughters for us to work with. Here are the results.


This one is of my 7 year old niece, Bella. The words read: She lit up the room with her smile and her song. She loves to sing and can that girl sing. She really has a beautiful voice. I remember that even when she was itty-bitty, she would always be humming or singing to herself. My sister and I brainstormed together for the words, but in the end I came up with the phrase…I think I must have had the Inspire Me Thursday prompt for this week on my mind. The stars we used are silver metallic stickers that I happened to have on hand. The scanner did not pick on the shine of the stars.

important things

This smaller canvas panel is of my other niece, Sophia, who is 3 years old. The words read: Everything changed the day i realized that i have time for the most important things.

Besides actual techniques that I passed on to my sister, I hope I passed on the feeling of “welcoming imperfection”. She has always been a perfectionist, and she told me that holding the brush in her hand froze her up. She felt intimidated, scared of making a mistake. To show that there are no mistakes, I spilled a totally off the wall color onto one of the pieces on purpose and said, “oops!” And then showed her that any mark can either be covered up, turned into something else, or blended in to make it look like it was on purpose.

It was fun to have another person in the studio with me. Sharing what I love to do with someone that I love.

I showed her some quick and easy ways to add visual elements to her journal too. I hope to post some of the samples soon.


  1. by Deb G on July 2, 2007  9:30 am Reply

    These are really nice.

  2. by Tint on July 2, 2007  12:22 pm Reply

    I love your art! I love the bold colours and brush strokes. I dream of being able to paint. If I could, this is the style I would try. I would love to be in your studio learning to accept the imperfections the way you showed your sister :)

  3. by bridgette on July 2, 2007  6:38 pm Reply

    Thanks Deb and Tint for visiting and commenting.

    Tint- get some brushes and just paint! The best way to learn is to just do and make mistakes and have fun. :)

  4. by Ellen on July 3, 2007  9:49 am Reply

    These are really wonderful. I bet your neices are thrilled over them!

  5. by Cheryl on July 3, 2007  3:41 pm Reply

    Oh Bridgette, these are beautiful! They have a dreamy quality that I find very appealing.

  6. by Pattie Mosca on July 3, 2007  11:47 pm Reply

    heart-felt art...LOVE IT! You can feel your heart lighting up within your words!

  7. by Lea Antonio on July 5, 2007  1:48 am Reply

    I love your picture... I have kids of my own and know how much light they bring to my life.

  8. by melanie on July 6, 2007  8:17 am Reply

    these are beautiful, Bridgette. And what a great gift to your sister... sharing your time, your talent, and encouraging her to embrace imperfection and go with the flow.

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