Artx12: February 2019

 |  February 25, 2019
BGMills spread in Leslie Avon Miller's book
Bridgette Guerzon Mills’ spread in Leslie Avon Miller’s Internal Landscape book,
acrylic and collage
February 2019

I was so excited to receive Leslie Avon’s Miller’s book at the end of January because I have followed her for years online and love her work. When I got to hold her book in my hands though and see one of her mixed media collages up close, it was so much more than what could ever come through on a screen. So much care and thought. It was like being able to witness and feel another person’s meditation practice. That probably makes no sense, but it does to me.

I responded to Leslie’s collage, but I also responded to the quote she provided as the inspiration for her book:

Many contemporary painters feel that their landscapes come from within and are brought to the surface and given form as a result of various stimuli. The artist’s internal world is waiting to be evoked by whatever means the artist finds most productive, and… this world is just as important as the outer, visible world. (Edward Betts)

The book is a long horizontal book, so I took a photo of the right side and then the left side of the spread I created.

My own creative process is always a journey into myself. It is the way I process the world and the emotions around me. A way to figure out what it means to be in this world having a human experience. And a way to create that place where I recognize myself

It was an honor to work in Leslie’s book. I wonder whose book I will get next. hmmmm….


  1. by Ruth Armitage on February 25, 2019  7:15 pm Reply

    Love seeing these projects unfold!

    • by Bridgette Guerzon Mills on March 7, 2019  11:15 am Reply

      me too!

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