autumn and recent inspiration

I love autumn. It is my favorite season, by far. The cooler days, the crip air. The deepening colors of the leaves. I even like how evening descends on us earlier and earlier. Autumn’s Glow is an older painting of mine, but considering that I’ve only really been producing works in encaustic since 2007, it’s not that old! But it is one of my earlier encaustic paintings. Actually it might have been this painting, where the love affair with encaustics began.

Autumn’s Glow
encaustic, 10×10 inches

Anyway, the reason why I am posting this image is that last week I brought 11 more encaustic paintings over to Sacred Art in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. I had brought some paintings to them back in April and they have been asking me for more. As you all know I haven’t been painting in encaustics for the past four months, so I brought what I could. I brought over my most recent small paintings (6×6 inches) and some larger works, including Autumn’s Glow. I made a Sacred Art flickr set of the paintings that they now have in case anyone is interested in contacting them. They are happy to handle transactions and ship out. I have their address on the side bar for those that are local. Please feel free to email me too if you want to know the prices.

I have also been updating my “Art” section of I have small orginal paintings here as well as some prints. I will be adding more as I can.

If you want to read more about the inspiration behind one of the journals that I just posted last week, please go visit the


And just so that this post doesn’t just seem like a sales pitch, which is not my intention- but there is a business side to all this art making, and I chronicle all that here too in my art journey blog. I want to post some links that have been inspiring me lately. One is a video and the other is a radio interview. Both take time to take in, but really are worth it.

One of my favorite encaustic artists, Graceann Warn, shared this You Tube video and it is just so beautiful. Magical. Inspiring.

Yesterday, my studio day, I listened to NPR all day and heard an interview of the late Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue. The interview is titled: The Inner Landscape of Beauty. The interview really resonated with me. I definitely want to get one of his books to explore his topics more in depth.


  1. I smiled out loud when I saw Autumn’s Glow appear on my screen. It is just breathtakingly beautiful. And then the Omo people video. I had to remind myself to inhale & exhale. Absolutely exquisite. I am adding it to my Little Pieces of Heaven bloglist. I may even post it as a post with thank yous to you & Graceann Warn because everyone should see this.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. What a fantastic post. Thank you for sharing the discovery of the Omo photographs.

    I also listened to the John O’Donohue interview… so moving and inspirational – and sad to know of his passing.

    Love the encaustic. Fall is my time, too.

  3. Thank you for mentioning this Irish poet– his writing looks like I would be interested in. I have a hard time with Autumn– the last of the summer days– sunny but cooling down are nice– but I also start thinking about our rainy winters and I don’t want the summer sunshine to go away.

  4. Bridgette, your post is rich and wonderful – there s so much for me to investigate here.

    And you are so right about art and business: one as to be two people I think – artist AND one’s own sales person, switching between identities as the need arises. It’s the same with writing; wearing two hats.

    All the best, and congratulations on the coming baby. Hope all goes well.

  5. I’m so thrilled to see your work in-person at Sacred Art! (I live just a few blocks from there.)

    I finally started working with encaustic and it’s fantastically addictive. I wish I had more time to work with it.

  6. Oh my.
    First the beauty that you bring to the world on a regular basis and THEN the sharing of the Omo’s exquisite world view…I sit here in a state of ecstacy.

    Yes… as artists we must also inhabit the exciting and mysterious world of the entrepreneur which defines as: (a loanword from French introduced and first defined by the Irish economist Richard Cantillon) is a person who operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. A female entrepreneur is sometimes referred to as an entrepreneuse.

  7. Autumn’s Glow made me catch my breath. It is so rich and astoundingly gorgeuos. I also loved the Omo video.

    Autumn is so my favorite time of the year. I guess it’s because the colors are the ones I use the most (and I’m a redhead and the colors look good on

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