Ballard Second Saturday Artwalk

 |  June 13, 2008

love like an ocean
love like an ocean, encaustic, 6×6 inches

Greener Lifestyles is hosting me as their featured artist for their June Ballard Second Saturday Artwalk. Portland artist, Julia Gardner will also be showing her beautiful mixed media resin pieces. Please come join us this Saturday for a show of my recent work in encaustics!

DATE: Saturday June 14th, 2008
TIME: 6pm – 9pm
LOCATION: Greener Lifestyles
5317 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107


  1. by azirca on June 14, 2008  1:54 am Reply

    This is so calm and serene. I think it's the muted tones and the overall softness of this piece.
    It's gorgeous, I could stare at it for hours and drift off into a wonderful daydream.

  2. by Shari on June 14, 2008  9:10 am Reply

    Ooooh, I wish I could come! I'll be there in my mind's eye, instead, shopping all of your beautiful wares. Have fun, Bridgette! Hugs, Shari

  3. by Caterina Martinico on June 14, 2008  12:13 pm Reply

    Your work is stunning. You use the encaustic medium to its fullest potential. I enjoy it.. Blessings to you Caterina

  4. by Susan Tuttle on June 14, 2008  2:33 pm Reply

    This piece is so soothing. Wish I could attend.


  5. by Rima on June 16, 2008  5:29 am Reply

    Hello Bridgette, pleased to stumble across your blog... what lovely work :)
    Best wishes from Scotland

  6. by wendy lee lynds on June 16, 2008  8:05 pm Reply

    wish i could have been there. was there in spirit....had an art class all w'end at the kirkland art center so was pretty bushed. hope it went swimmingly! xoxoxox

  7. by Fiona Whitehead on June 20, 2008  4:17 am Reply

    Such a fabulous serene piece. I'd like to feature you on the Inspirational blog - you can find it here - if that's ok please let me know.

  8. by Paula Scott on June 21, 2008  11:34 pm Reply

    Man, you are a superwoman! Packing and getting ready to move and being a featured artist! Kazaam!
    I just got Linda and Willam Womack's "Embracing Encaustic" book this week and was thrilled to see your work in her book.

  9. by seth on June 24, 2008  11:25 pm Reply

    Lovely piece. The colors set a wonderful tone and there is so much movement to be seen.

  10. by Nikki on June 26, 2008  10:10 pm Reply

    a beautiful the inside of an abalone shell!

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