I have been working on creating journals like a mad woman this week. Or actually like the tortilla woman. There is a Oaxacan restaurant that I love to go to in Ballard that is always packed with people. Sometimes I sit at the counter and watch the tortilla woman’s hand just fly as she pats each masa ball into a flat tortilla. She is a wonder to watch. I always think if I were as industrious as she is, I would never be behind!

With the holiday season coming up and my belly getting bigger I really want to get a lot done now. I never seem to have enough journals prepared for the holiday rush even if I try my hardest.

These past two days I’ve made a lot of covers and I have stacks waiting to be bound. My natural elements journals are some of my favorite journals to make. And while they look so simple there are many steps to making them. Hence, why they always go out of stock on

So I’m attempting to restock and I’ve also added two new designs. This one is called Bark Fragment. Not the best name, but that is what it is! I don’t strip trees of their bark, I pick pieces that have been dropped by their previous owner already. Simple gifts from nature.

Available at amanobooks

At the end of the day right now I feel good about my progress and will start another painting tomorrow. I have an image in my head that’s been urging me to get down on canvas.

I also need to make more mixed media journal panels…so much to do! But that’s a good thing. I find that when I am pressed for time I get the most done. On days when nothing seems to be happening I just loaf around and waste time.


  1. Hmmm, that sounds familiar! When I have a lot of pressing deadlines, things get done. But when I have some time between those deadlines, I tend to hold off on working on stuff…

    Hope you’re feeling great!

    (BTW: I’ve moved my blog: )


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