Be the Light

 |  February 9, 2017

Be the Light
encaustic mixed media
12×24 inches
sold at Lark & Key

How to be the light when it seems these days that there is a lot of darkness? Is it possible? Is it even desirable? Why do I feel resistance? Is it because I feel that it means I am to lay down my burden, my hurts and disappointments in order to be light?

Or can I come to a place where I say darkness is just as important as light. It grounds us. It roots us and reminds our earthy beings who we are and where we come from. And yet, it must be a darkness that doesn’t strangle or shunt growth. But rather a small warm piece that we carry with us as a peace offering to a better place. Progress never comes without pain. And then the healing will require the light.


Last Friday SURFACE opened at Lark and Key Gallery and I’m thrilled to share that red dots were displayed that evening. That is always great news. The gallery framed “Be the Light” before the show and picked out a beautiful soft silver wood frame that I just love for that painting. A good frame really can finish a painting well.



This painting and others can be seen online at Lark & Key’s website. Feel free to get in touch with myself or the gallery if you have any questions.

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