bearer of gifts

 |  June 26, 2007

bearer of gifts
bearer of gifts, mixed media, 18×14 inches

Lately I’ve been obsessed with white. Clean. Simple. I worked on this painting quite a while. A lot of times my seemingly most simple paintings take me the longest to complete. But I finally finished it this past Saturday after it’s been sitting on my easel for weeks.

This painting is part of my Expecting series. Acrylic and graphite.


  1. by AluapPaula on June 26, 2007  3:38 pm Reply

    How is it that you are able to crank out so much work with a baby? You are amazing and so is your work!

  2. by bridgette on June 26, 2007  3:57 pm Reply

    Thanks Paula! Sometimes I wonder how I'm doing it too. :) I get into frenzies and get a lot done.

    Well, this painting has been in the works for awhile. I would work on it here and there when I got a chance. In the evenings after dinner my husband takes over with Noah and I work some. I take advantage of all the time that I get!

    I am a big believer in "where there's a will, there's a way".

  3. by Kelly on June 27, 2007  12:51 am Reply

    Bridgette- thanks for your words. You are an inspiration to me. Your work is so dreamlike and beautiful. I love seeing artists mixing mediums and textures the way you do.

  4. by Dawn on June 27, 2007  10:21 am Reply

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. by Anonymous on December 2, 2008  1:10 am Reply

    Absolutely fantastic! I really like this work and would like to do an appropriated piece on it.

  6. by Anonymous on December 2, 2008  1:11 am Reply

    i really like this work and would like to do an appropriated piece on it!

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