Bee Wisdom: unity

 |  March 31, 2020
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Bee Wisdom: Unity, encaustic mixed media assemblage, 10 x 4 3/4 inches

When I was finishing this piece up to send to Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, I listened to a podcast called Moonwise, episode 32 . This podcast was an interview with Jacqueline Freeman about listening to the wisdom of bees. It was fascinating. Now, this is a spiritual podcast, so if you are not open to this type of thing, I warned you. But if you are, as I am, I was entranced listening to Freeman’s experience with bees.

One part that has stayed with me was when she spoke about unity and how the bees always act for the good of the whole. This went along with other things I have read in more scientific books about how the colony is actually one organism and that each bee plays a role to take care of the whole organism, but they act in unison. Freeman’s words explaining this behavior really resonated with me especially in this time of our covid-19 crisis where we are all being asked to act for the good of the whole. I even started thinking about what she said in terms of my daily life as mother and how I view my home- it really impacted the small acts of tending that are taken for granted or that I grumble about.

“We wake up to the understanding that we are all one, all the time. Human beings exist connected each to each, but believe that they are not.” – Jacqueline Freeman

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