|  April 23, 2008

behold, mixed media and encaustic, 6×6 inches

{Not set on the title. But it comes from some personal writings- behold, the beholder… Reserving the right to change the title, if I feel like it needs to changed.}

A few months ago I went to the Ballard art walk and went into a place that I thought would be a great fit for my artwork. I talked to one of the women there and left my card. But it’s been crazy since then with all the trips we’ve had to take and life has just been busy, so I never found time to follow up with a call or visit. With the limited time we have left, I was disappointed that I never got to hang my work in this space. It’s one of those places I’ve had my eye on even before I started painting again. In the time that I left my card with them, I’ve had my work up at Cugini’s Cafe, which is across the street.

Last week I received an email from Greener Lifestyles saying that they saw my work up at Cugini’s and remembered that they had my card and would like to have me be their featured artist for the June artwalk! I am really excited about being at this store as I really love their concept and have always liked the art they have chosen to exhibit.

I have to make a few more pieces for the show, but I have it all planned out and organized. In my head, at least.

Today I went and finally got my haircut at Habitude, the one in Ballard, after not getting my haircut since September! (which is why I always have my hair in braids or a knot or ponytail) Anyway, an encaustic artist is showing there right now. His work is really interesting. His colors are bright and he paints these playful egghead figures and rabbits and bears. But then when you look closer, it’s kind of creepy! As I sat there under the hairdryer, I became aware that there were definitely darker stories behind some of these figures in the three paintings that I could see from where I was sitting. Very Tim Burton-esque. I couldn’t find a website of his work anywhere, I think his last name is Wackerman. I loved how he used the surface of the wax-lots of etching in and filling of lines. Doodling on the wax, in a way. Very fun.


  1. by femminismo on April 23, 2008  11:00 pm Reply

    Hi! I found your blog and I am "tagging" you. I love your bird in the trees, and I see you are a fan of Judy Wise, as am I. I took a class from her in Dec. 2007 art journaling - before she began doing so many encaustics. She does so many fun things. Anyway, I will tag you - sorry if you are busy - but this way other artists who come to my blog will maybe tap into your art and get inspired. You are very talented! Good luck on your new show. - femminismo in the Northwest, too

  2. by Carmen on April 23, 2008  11:14 pm Reply

    That's fantastic! Can't wait to see what you create for this display!

    I found a few things on Joseph Wackerman...

    He's mentioned on this blog:

    and some of his work is featured here:

    Is this the same guy? If so, I agree, his work definitely has an eerie feel to it!



  3. by bridgette on April 23, 2008  11:52 pm Reply

    hi femenismo, thanks for stopping by here and tagging me. Not sure what I'm supposed to do next though! :)

    Thanks Carmen for finding the links! Yes, that's him. I wonder why I wasn't coming up with anything! Bad search skills, on my part. His work is really fascinating. Especially to see it in person.

  4. by thealteredpage on April 24, 2008  12:13 am Reply

    Wonderful piece Bridgette. The texture is really compelling and I love how the birds is balanced at the end of the branch.

  5. by Dale on April 24, 2008  12:52 am Reply

    fabulous job here! I really like the way you have the plastery/cheeseclothy texture along the bottom. Nice contrast and compliment to the wax :).

    Congrats on being invited to be in their Art Walk!!!

  6. by Genie on April 24, 2008  2:21 am Reply

    Congratulations Bridgette.
    Another lovely piece.

  7. by San on April 24, 2008  12:12 pm Reply

    There's the little bird emissary again. I love the way the branch grows out of the left edge of the painting.

    Congratulations on your new venue.

    And now you have my curiosity up about the Tim Burtonesque encaustic artist.

  8. by Shari on April 24, 2008  1:15 pm Reply

    Congratulations on the Greener Lifestyles feature, Bridgette! That's fantastic. Woo hoo! Love your "Behold" piece, too. But then you already knew I loved your birds... :) Hugs, Shari

  9. by katie on April 24, 2008  8:39 pm Reply

    beautiful work, bri, as always...

  10. by San on April 25, 2008  3:00 pm Reply

    I'm back to ask you to come over to my place and make an acceptance speech. There's an award awaiting you.

  11. by Hanna on April 28, 2008  4:29 am Reply

    This is so beautiful and so is the name, I hope you keep it! :-)

    Congrats on the art walk-thing, it sounds like fun!

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