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In a recent post Jen Worden wrote a response to one of my blogs and described how she sees me as taking my art journey seriously in that I think about what I’m making, how I want my work to be interpreted and maybe even what my art legacy will be. We decided that this would be her question for me for our next conversation.

And here I am and my cursor is flashing at me, waiting for an answer. Hmmm. How do I answer that? Well, I’ll give it my best shot. I would say that what one of my main core values in life, not just art, is thinking about and taking actions that align with caring for this earth and our environment. There are so many ways to do that- in our daily activities, who and what we vote for politically, and what we teach the next generation, etc. etc..

Outside of Time
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Outside of Time, 2017, sold

My artwork aims to touch upon those things in that intangible way that art touches people’s thoughts and spirit. Incorporating bits of found objects and reclaiming wood and metal in my pieces are ways to communicate sustainability and combatting our throw away culture. My images of nature are to reconnect us to what we are, to recognize that we are of the earth and that we all know that deep down. And if we can reconnect to that relationship to the land and water and sky, then hopefully, hopefully we will care for what we love because it is us.

Probably lofty goals, I admit.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | artist book installation at Adkins Arboretum, 2016

My outdoor nature installations I think are the creations that most fit that vision of educating the general public about this connection. And I think that’s why they are my heart’s work. Not everyone is an art appreciator, so this is a way to surprise people in a different and unexpected context and help them to connect the dots.

A few years ago I was trained and certified to be a Maryland Master Naturalist and a naturalist’s main role is to interpret nature and the natural world to the general public in a way that they can learn and relate to. I see my art as a way to do that.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Origin Story, 2019, sold

Also as a mother, I want to teach my own children that listening to one’s creative voice is so important. We all have something to say and add to this world even when it can be scary to do so. It always takes courage to be creative in whatever mode that may be but we muster up that courage to hopefully create and make a better and kinder and more beautiful world. Life is hard and a struggle and can often be very disappointing. But if you’ve got creativity in you, don’t stifle it as it’s a life vest. Not just for the creator, but also for those that receive it. That’s the legacy I want to leave my own children.

Thanks Jen for such an interesting question!

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