Between Here and There

 |  October 10, 2012

That time was like never, and like always.
So we go there, where nothing is waiting;
we find everything waiting there.
-Pablo Neruda

Between Here and There
encaustic mixed media
7×5 inches

I have been wanting to use this photo I took for so long. I even had a really big one printed out the last time I got some of my images printed. But I have not had a chance to use it. This is a small piece and I hope I get to work on a much larger version sometime in the near future.

The stillness and the movement of this image is what captures me. And the title? Well, that’s how I feel right now in this moment of transition. Neither here nor there. On a path though, and that’s comforting to know.

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  1. by Kathryn on October 10, 2012  11:26 am Reply

    Love it, I know that sense of transition, or neither here or there.

    • by bridgette on October 10, 2012  2:43 pm Reply

      Thank you Kathryn. Perhaps I just need to focus on Now. Which is probably a good thing to do at all times, huh?

  2. by bridgette on October 25, 2012  9:55 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Leslie

  3. by Hindsfeet on November 6, 2012  2:05 am Reply

    oh Bridgette....this was a lifeline for me tonight.....

    ...sometimes you just need to know you're not alone in the 'not-knowing' : /

    I needed this quote, and the quote in your previous post as well......i don't know how I missed this one when you first posted it, but glad I found it now....

    ...these posts were a glimmer of badly needed hope for me, Bridgette....thank you so much for the 'bread crumbs'...

    between "here and there",

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