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 |  September 17, 2009

Still laying low and not as productive as I would like to be. Being pregnant with a 2 and half year old has proven to be quite exhausting for me. I am constantly reminded of Binky Bergman’s comment to me about being a sleeping bag with feet. ha! So true! Anyway, in the meantime, I have been working on adding more handbound journals to

I have been working on creating more Natural Elements journals as my stock is embarrassingly low. And I also have added more mixed media cover journals. Here are my four most recent additions:

signs from the sky
6×8 blank handbound journal

Growing and Mending
6×6 inch blank handbound journal

vessel through which the earth sings
6×9 inch blank handbound journal

Bound Together
6×8 inch blank handbound journal

The imagery in two of these journals may look familiar as I used previous paintings as the start off point. It’s fun to revisit an older painting and then take it a step further.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment with congratulations on my last post! I am just thrilled to have been a part of the project and James Shipp will let me know once the cd becomes available online for anyone who is interested in purchasing it. I will pass along the link for sure!


  1. by Thea on September 17, 2009  5:45 pm Reply

    These are all wonderful, Bridgette! My favourite is "signs from the sky".

  2. by Crystal on September 17, 2009  5:50 pm Reply

    I love the mix here Bridgette ~ I plan to own one of these some day soon!
    And many congratulations are in order, on the album cover but more importantly on your pregnancy!

  3. by Julie on September 17, 2009  8:16 pm Reply

    Bridgette- how did I miss you are pregnant? CONGRATULATIONS! BEing pregnant with another youngster...I can't even imagine. You are a super hero! xo

  4. by tangled sky studio on September 17, 2009  9:39 pm Reply

    I was just admiring the journal I purchased from you and am in awe of your beautiful bookbinding....


  5. by Mar on September 17, 2009  9:42 pm Reply

    they are all beautifully covered books!
    your're havin' a baby !
    a little playmate to the one ya already have...well
    here is to keeping ya healthy and having a easy birth..

    i can relate to the "sleeping bag with feet"
    if you hear that one again
    thanks for lending it to me

  6. by Wen Redmond on September 17, 2009  10:52 pm Reply

    I love the thoughtfulness of these books.
    Like the quiet anticipation before a poem forms.

  7. by layers on September 18, 2009  12:34 pm Reply

    It is amazing that you are getting art work done-- pregnant with a small one around? you must have a supportive hubby.

  8. by The Adventurous Art Teacher on September 18, 2009  3:47 pm Reply

    Just LOVE your new journals. The binding is beautiful. I just starting to get into journaling and making my own sketchbooks.It's so much fun!

  9. by Seth on September 18, 2009  9:51 pm Reply

    More beautiful journal covers! Nobody does trees like you!!!

  10. by Evangeline on September 19, 2009  10:35 am Reply

    These are amazing! So beautiful!

  11. by Kelly Jeanette on September 19, 2009  3:39 pm Reply

    wow, you must be very busy-and tired. I love your jounrnals. Beautiful!

  12. by Nishant on September 23, 2009  4:03 pm Reply

    I love the mix here Bridgette ~ I plan to own one of these some day soon!
    And many congratulations are in order,
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  13. by Audiart on September 30, 2009  11:10 am Reply

    I didn't know you were pregnant either. Well, now I will stay in the know since I'm following your blog.

    Beautiful work. I mentioned you and your work and our connection in my debut entry.

    Stay well sister.

    Peace and Love,

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