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Still laying low and not as productive as I would like to be. Being pregnant with a 2 and half year old has proven to be quite exhausting for me. I am constantly reminded of Binky Bergman’s comment to me about being a sleeping bag with feet. ha! So true! Anyway, in the meantime, I have been working on adding more handbound journals to

I have been working on creating more Natural Elements journals as my stock is embarrassingly low. And I also have added more mixed media cover journals. Here are my four most recent additions:

signs from the sky
6×8 blank handbound journal

Growing and Mending
6×6 inch blank handbound journal

vessel through which the earth sings
6×9 inch blank handbound journal

Bound Together
6×8 inch blank handbound journal

The imagery in two of these journals may look familiar as I used previous paintings as the start off point. It’s fun to revisit an older painting and then take it a step further.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment with congratulations on my last post! I am just thrilled to have been a part of the project and James Shipp will let me know once the cd becomes available online for anyone who is interested in purchasing it. I will pass along the link for sure!


  1. I love the mix here Bridgette ~ I plan to own one of these some day soon!
    And many congratulations are in order, on the album cover but more importantly on your pregnancy!

  2. Bridgette- how did I miss you are pregnant? CONGRATULATIONS! BEing pregnant with another youngster…I can’t even imagine. You are a super hero! xo

  3. they are all beautifully covered books!
    your’re havin’ a baby !
    a little playmate to the one ya already have…well
    here is to keeping ya healthy and having a easy birth..

    i can relate to the “sleeping bag with feet”
    if you hear that one again
    thanks for lending it to me

  4. I didn’t know you were pregnant either. Well, now I will stay in the know since I’m following your blog.

    Beautiful work. I mentioned you and your work and our connection in my debut entry.

    Stay well sister.

    Peace and Love,

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