Echoes is a mixed meia piece by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Echoes, encaustic mixed media, 24×12 inches

I know that it is often better to espouse the phrase “the past is past” and just move on. But there is also truth to the fact that what happens in the past, echoes and reverberates into the present and future. Especially when behaviors have not changed and so patterns can repeat ad nauseam. The past is present is something i’ve been known to say. But the healthiest thing is to acknowledge the past, make adjustments, and then keep going forward. It’s something I have to remind myself. I tend to ruminate.

I remember years ago when I was in college I went to the an art show in one of the galleries on campus. I can’t remember the artist or even their artwork really, except that it was on paper. But what I do remember was the artist statement. They wrote something about how when a piece of paper once marked, will always carry the memory of the mark. It compared paper to skin in a very beautiful way and delved into memory and how some things cannot be forgotten.

Anyway, not sure where I am going with this…just on my mind.

I was thinking of titling this Echoes of the Past, but then just left it at Echoes. But might change it. This piece was something I reworked. Before the top had just the tree. I wanted to keep traces of the tree there. I wanted it to be remembered. The bottom part of this piece contains fabric from an old baptism gown.

“We are what we remember, and the less we remember, the less we are.” – Eduardo Galeano

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