Coffee + poetry + art

 |  May 16, 2019

Sometime last year an email landed in my inbox from a poet, named E.C. Belli. She had been searching for artwork for the cover of her book, Objects of Hunger, which had won the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award and was going to be published by Southern Illinois University Press. She was writing to see if I would consider working with her so that my mixed media piece “The Land Knows” could be used for the cover of her first book.

Anyone who knows me even the tiniest bit knows how much I love books and so I was completely honored to have been approached by E.C. Belli. The biggest gift though was having a poet describe to me why she loved my work. She said, “Your works are rare in that they are both tender and gritty, haunted and sublime, domestic and wild at once, and that they just feel completely alive. Looking at the piece felt like meeting a person…”

Insert image of me with my hand to my forehead in the middle of a swooning faint.

Objects of Hunger was recently published and E.C. Belli sent me two copies that she signed for me. I was so excited to open the package. When I had a quiet moment I sat with the book of poetry and a mug of coffee and felt a warm feeling of happiness.

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