Collected and Gathered

Collected and Gathered

Collected and Gathered
encaustic mixed media
11×14 inches
currently at The Gray Gallery

I don’t know if it’s something about starting a new year that makes me take inventory of older paintings and decide to paint over them. Whatever it is, that’s what I’ve been doing. This painting is one that I recently finished, but if you actually look at the timeline of the physical substrate, it was started in 2012. I actually liked the original painting and had had it hanging in my home, even. I was ready to let it go though and let it become something else. But really, I painted it these past few weeks. It is now down in Winchester at The Gray Gallery for an upcoming show.

Ever since the kids have been back in school since the blizzard, I have spent every moment I can in the studio, trying to catch up. I feel much better right now as I have several works in progress. The rising panic has subsided. I am noticing that my recent paintings are more colorful…and stripey.

Today I was listening to this podcast interviewing Quang Ho and just had to write it down on my work table. Ha! So true.


“A painting should beat you up a bit…and then spit you back out.” -Quang Ho

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