|  February 8, 2006

Just finished binding up this mixed media journal called Companions. The crow has always been a powerful, personal symbol for me- as well as trees. Crows are often scorned because they are associated with death, bad luck, misfortune. Also, in a more practical sense, they are scavengers and mischief makers and can be troublesome. Maybe for all these reasons, the crow as a symbol, speaks to me. They are on the fringe of society. Not totally accepted, but present nonetheless. I am always drawn to what is not typically desired.

Crows are observers and curious by nature. And being a creature of the air, they symbolize creativity and inspiration.

Shadow, light, magic, melancholy, curiousity…

Bound journal is available at amanobooks


  1. by Tongue in Cheek Antiques on February 13, 2006  6:55 am Reply

    I like how the woman is in white, the palms green, and in her hands a black crow...its has movement and a quiet power to it...

  2. by bridgette on February 13, 2006  9:21 pm Reply

    Thank you for your words. Means a lot!

  3. by cheyblu on February 28, 2006  9:05 pm Reply

    I just bought your journal from amanobooks. What a beautiful piece of work-it speaks to me in a way that I could never describe. Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece.

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