Lately I have been creating lighter pieces…friends and people who know my work have all commented on that fact. But today, I went a little darker. No mood change or anything. Just tapping into that which is always there for me. Something that is dark, but also beautiful, or rather something that stirs deep within me. It is hard for me to articulate in words.

It could be the dark days of autumn affecting my palette too. I am very affected by my surroundings. I have never been so inspired in my creations since we’ve moved to the pacific northwest. The trees, the air, the water, the mountains- all sing their siren song in my ears.

connect, mixed media, 6×8 inches

Words read: slow down and connect

I created this panel using one of my photos, beeswax, cloth, paper, acrylic paint, ink, and waxed linen thread. I will bind this panel up into a journal next week. Tomorrow I am off to Las Vegas of all places! Last trip before I can’t travel anymore. Maybe I’ll come back painting sunny, bright, neon panels. Hmmm…most likely, not. 🙂


  1. Hi colette! Thanks for visiting me here. I’ve never been to Vegas…not really sure what to expect. I’ll most likely be hanging out by a pool…as I’m not up to doing too much activity because of my back and front ligaments. I’m hoping to eat lots of good food. 🙂

  2. I love it! Makes me think of Wuthering Heights, one of my favorite books. And we all need to remember to slow down and connect.

    Some of my in-laws live in Vegas, so since I got married (almost 12 years ago) I’ve been there a lot. I’m not really all that fond of the city, but if you’re looking for great food, give Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 in the Hard Rock Hotel a try. Really yummy garlic mashed potatoes, and they’re used to rock stars there so they respond very well to special requests.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Getting my “Bri fix”. 🙂 I’ve created a feed for my LJ so I’ll never have to do without.

    I’m gonna ask you this cuz both Cynjon and I thought you’d be a perfect match but of course with “upcoming events” I’m not sure you’ll have time…anyway, I’m doing a project called 20thingszine (read more here: – due date isn’t until January 15. And we’d love to have you along if you think it’ll *fit*. Much love… Jen

  4. Thanks amber! No, just going there to accompany my husband on a business trip. We got married last year in a beautiful garden in Seattle. Totally not Vegas style. 🙂

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