contexture: spread 4

my last spread in the book contexture

Seth Apter has just received his book “Contexture” back from Jen Worden, so now that he has seen the last two spreads we created in his book, I can share it here.

I’m blaming the sleep deprivation that comes with a 5-week old baby, but I actually can’t remember if this is the fourth spread of his book, or if it’s my fourth spread that I created in his book…all I know is that in my image files, I labeled it as spread 4. Also when I mailed the book to Jen I wrote a note to both of them about my process in creating this spread, and unfortunately (again blaming the sleep deprivation) I cannot remember what I wrote!

The theme that Seth chose for his book is “Contexture”. I do remember having so much fun creating these pages. I was aiming for creating a page of texture. I wanted there to be a lot of texture, but I wanted the visual impact to be simple, or rather, clean. I wanted to create a collage of many layers, and yet not overload on imagery.

The left side was created with torn pieces of paper. Lots of torn pieces of paper. I felt like a little bird, creating a nest of sorts. Pulling from my drawer of odds and ends. Tearing up botched polaroid transfer prints I had created eons ago. Layer, layer, layer. There is even a twig attached to the page in the center. And, of course, I finished with encasing the collage in melted beeswax.

The right side was created using a torn page from a book, a photo transfer, cheesecloth, and lovely white paint. I have been drawn to shades of white for a while now and I liked the contrast of the white to the dark shades of the previous spread. I added a layer of wax again to add that texture, as well as to unite the two pages.


Thank you to everyone for your congratulations and blessings left on my last blog post in regards to the arrival of baby Grace. She is doing well and turns 5 weeks today! How is that even possible? I am doing well, really tired still and wondering if I will ever not be tired or not look like a zombie…I am itching to get back into the studio, but we’re not quite there yet. All in good time.

But again, thank you. Some of the people who left comments I have met in real life, but there are many who only know me through my art and this blog. It is amazing the connections we make through artwork that tie us together in such a real way. In a way that allows people from all over to leave such warm and kind words to welcome my newest little one into the world. Thank you.

I’ve been meaning to post about this, but haven’t had a moment until now- Have you ever visited Robyn Gordon’s blog Art Propelled? If you haven’t, you should as her blog posts are always inspiring. Recently I was honored to have one of my mixed media spread in my plaster book (also part of the collaboration with Jen and Seth) featured on her blog post entitled Spirit of Place. Thank you again Robyn!


  1. Your ‘contexture’ pages provide a wonderful balance one to the other…on the left all ‘nest building’ and to the right such a sparse and calming feel…’the white’ seems to be on so many artist’s minds and in their work these days (Robyn recently created a beautiful post to artists working with white predominate) …must be something in the stars….I too have been drawn to a foggy, soft and whitened atmosphere in new work over the past year.

    Robyn’s blog and every one of her entries is so exceptional…which is why she chose to include your imagery in her post I’m sure:-)

    Happy mothering…and resting.

  2. Lovely page – thanks for sharing.

    And the tiredness will go – believe me. It is nature’s way of saying, ‘hey, slow down!’ and you will be doubly tired if you are breast-feeding sweet Grace. But children are so small for so little a time and for a while as babies and then young children they seem to consume all of one’s life.

    LoL – A from UK

  3. Great spread! Now I am itching to gather up all the bits of paper and glue I have and go at it. Yes, I have visited Art Propelled. Always a fun visit.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this collage – it makes me want to examine it under a microscope – so intricate and beautiful!

    I miss seeing your posts and artwork but with you examining your own intricate and beautiful Baby Grace, I can wait. These precious and exhausting first weeks of her life can never be replicated! Enjoy and take naps when you can:)

    (Hope big brother is enjoying Grace also.)

  5. This spread for Seth’s book is delicious Bridgette! I love the way you’ve described both sides, how they compliment and contrast with each other, creating a balance of materials and design to fully delight the eye!
    rest well and enjoy your Grace,
    xox K

  6. Hi there- you stopped by and left me a nice comment on my Tweet- and so I just visited here for the first [congrats on Gracie, I just named new born lamb Gracie Mae, wink].
    Your venture into encasutic iwll be fun to watch. You might also visit marti somers painting site, she works in oils but I think you’d be inspired by her work. cheers to motherhood, and Noah too.

  7. Wonderful pages, I love all the texture. I hope you and getting some rest with the new baby. Everytime I look at your blog and see her. Such wonder and love between child and mother.

  8. Having these pages in my possession now, I can tell everybody that they are even more amazing in person. They are the perfect addition to the book! Thank you.

  9. Your contexture piece is magnificent! I love the layers, so like peeling back the very earth that we live on… I can just imagine the loving and sleepy days that you are having. Blessings to you, roxanne

  10. Just stopping by to wish you and the family a Happy Mother Earth Day…your babes are so fortunate that you will be showing them how to be gentle care givers of this glorious planet home.

  11. Thank you for the link to ArtPropelled, and thank you for your lovely blog – enjoy the little things with the baby, the amazing baby smell, the tiny fingers, the little sleeping face, they grow up so fast…

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