counting down

 |  July 9, 2008

The days left here are dwindling down to single digits. In between packing and tying up loose ends, and saying our goodbyes we’ve been taking family trips to some of our favorite places.

We headed out to Port Townsend Monday afternoon. We both loved this little seaside town since the first time we visited. We stayed at a barn turned cottage right near the beach. We spent one night there. In the morning I opened up the barn door and the garden was covered in fog and a deer was staring right at me. We both blinked at each other and I softly closed the door.

me and the grumpster, 18 months

(Well, he’s not really grumpy. He just likes to be free.)

I had never gone to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains and my husband knew that I would love it as he’s been there several times. So we drove out there on Tuesday. It was gorgeous! We will miss the mountains so much. When you are in Seattle you can see the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east and Mount Rainier to the south and then some others to the north. Well, of course, you can see all that when the mountains are “out”. After 6 years here it still takes my breath away.

at Hurricane Ridge

Olympic Mountains

at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Peninsula

The other week we took a day trip to Mount Rainier to pick up the trekking poles that my husband left at the base camp.

Mount Rainier, June 29th, 2008

I am burning all these images into my brain so that I can draw upon them while I’m driving down Ashland Avenue or Western Avenue and can’t see beyond the cars in front of me. I don’t know what it is about Western Ave in Chicago, but it’s always depressed me! Maybe it won’t this time around. Life is so different now. I am so different. I am open to possibilities…


  1. by smith kaich jones on July 9, 2008  5:30 pm Reply

    Well Bridgette, my heart is breaking for you. Your posts are so wonderful, I feel like I'M leaving - I'M feeling sad! :( But you are open to possiblities - this will be a good move. I feel it. so :)

    Love, debi

  2. by artbeth67 on July 9, 2008  7:21 pm Reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Good luck with everything :)

  3. by Dawn on July 9, 2008  7:23 pm Reply

    Chicago is a good thing...Just remember, you'll have Michigan and Wisconsin to the north if you need that openness...but I know nothing compares to the West...your pics are gorgeous. Keep us posted on your move, K?

  4. by Jo Horswill on July 9, 2008  7:54 pm Reply

    Stunning photos's...
    Your smile makes up for 'grumpsters'...although he is so cute with that face...

  5. by Lindsay on July 10, 2008  8:43 am Reply

    These are heart breakingly beautiful.Yes, Western Avenue, compared to this would be depressing....but you can always take LSD into the city and its got great vistas of the city and the lake.

  6. by Michelle on July 10, 2008  8:51 am Reply

    Well, I wish I could give you something wonderful. Your post made me feel like I was leaving wA. ALL OVER AGAIN. Just take your memories with you in your heart and enjoy the next chapter in your lives.
    Gee, I think I am going to write all my lod frieds ther now, I miss it!

  7. by Carmen on July 10, 2008  1:24 pm Reply

    Your pictures are amazing. The one of the flowers reminds me of your artwork.

    I wish you the very best of luck with your move and the changes to come. You'll be in my thoughts.



  8. by Genie on July 10, 2008  2:41 pm Reply

    Lovely photos.Good luck once more.

  9. by Leah on July 10, 2008  7:08 pm Reply

    best of luck to you bridgette for safe travels and a smooth moving process. i think every time we move there is a little heart-sickness involved, but you'll be finding loads of beauty in your new locale too!

    the mountains in the northwest blew me away too. so gorgeous.

  10. by seth on July 10, 2008  9:37 pm Reply

    Good luck with this major change Bridgette. I am sure that the beauty of these images will be forever in your be called upon whenever needed.

  11. by blue sky dreaming on July 11, 2008  1:27 am Reply

    Bridgette, I have kept a few rules to my journal keeping over the years...a good pen, large lined paper and keeping the pen to paper for a least two pages. I try. The writing flows with those rules, rambles, meanders, prayerful, prose and even concerns about what to cook for dinner?!Good luck with your move. Here is a wonderful site to visit: Mary Ann

  12. by wendy lee lynds on July 12, 2008  10:26 pm Reply

    thinking of you during this grand time of transition and change. please know that i am thinking good thoughts for your move and your career and your LIFE!! glad to have gotten to know you, iv only for a little while. blessings as you go, plz stay in touch, gal! xoxoxoxo wendy lee lynds

  13. by rivergardenstudio on July 13, 2008  8:02 pm Reply

    I wish you the best of luck with your changes...and your little grumpy guy is adorable. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs! Roxanne

  14. by celeste on July 29, 2008  12:32 pm Reply

    best of luck with your move.
    could you share the info about the barn turned cottage on the beach in PT? I'd love to wake to a deer in the garden.

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