Creating Home

Creating Home
acrylic and mixed media
24×24 inches

I finished the above acrylic and mixed media painting in the last week of December. I was working on it for several months, on and off. It is based on a small 6×6 inch panel I created for one of my handbound mixed media journal. I really enjoyed painting this and working so much larger than I normally do. This painting is marking the first of an acrylic series that I will be working on this year. Many moons ago I came across a quote on Jenny Doh’s blog that said:

Home is where your story begins

I jotted it down on a yellow sticky note and put it up on my wall above my computer. As a mother of a young child (soon to be children) these words really stayed with me. I don’t know too many people who had the most functional homes growing up, I certainly didn’t! But there was a lot of love in my home and I think that has made such a difference in the shaping of myself and my sisters. But now it’s my turn, and no, I won’t do a perfect job, that’s impossible. But if I keep these words in the forefront of my brain and heart, I can create a safe and nurturing home for my children.

As many of you know I also struggle with “home” and what it means to me. I’m always searching, searching, searching. Moving here and there. But I am learning that it is not necessarily a physical place.

Anyway, deep thoughts, sorry. My intent to share that quote and my thoughts behind it is that I want to work on a series about those words. About home and about family. This series will be large paintings (for me) and will be done in acrylic.

When I sat down to the computer I was going to write about my intentions for 2010, but I will have to save that for another post!


  1. This is such a wonderful piece. My favorite things are houses and birds. I’ve been thinking about doing more house pieces myself.

    Really enjoyed this post. I’m thinking that I should look close to home for happiness and inspiration at this point in my life and worry less about what is happening on the outside world. Perhaps a bit selfish on my part, but I feel it is necessary.

  2. Is this 6 INCHES or 6 FEET? I love your mosaic in the post right before. I framed the piece that I bought from you and am loving looking at it on a continual basis. Can’t wait to see more for sale. This tree and bird series…incredible! I’m with Kim: two of my favorite things also, especially the crows/black birds.

  3. I just discovered you this morning, and as I read it with my ten week old wiggling in my lap as she runs through the octaves, discovering her voice. Crows have always held great significance for me, and I have always been a storyteller, so this post gets me right where I live. Thanks and blessings.

  4. I love this!! Yes, home is where our story begins, but thankfully it does not have to end there!!

    And, I was enjoying writing in that beautiful little journal yesterday.


  5. Beautiful artwork and a beautiful post. The concept of home is something I really struggled with in younger years too, and the home I have made for my own family brings me more joy than I can say. 🙂

  6. That’s one of the themes I keep coming back to as well and I love it when you share your insights about ‘home’. In your newest piece I think of the bird as being you, a kind of nurturing protector. The house itself has the warm feeling of “home.” Well done!

    Thanks for sharing, Bridgette and have a wonderfully creative 2010.

  7. I love this piece and the size.
    Intimate yet strong.

    I once worked on a series where I explored the idea that we all come from a womb, we’re all moving toward a tomb, we all have a mom, we’re all afraid of the bomb…we’re all looking for h’OM’e….and you find those two letters, the sound of the universe in each of those
    Happy New Year.

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